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Welllllll lookie lookie who’s behind YET again. AHHHH this year. I feel like it’s gunna be a good year but so far, man, it’s just been hard. So much sickness and confusion and I just don’t know what I’m doing. But! lots of good has happened so little memory blog, here we go.
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful New Years dinner my love made for me. Yes, I’m that far behind.
Also, you guys! Luke and I were on the cover of a real magazine! I’m basically a supermodel now! AND they published something I wrote on the inside. That definitely makes me a published author. I’m basically your average famous person.
This is the human I am raising. Isn’t she the best? I just love every inch of her biting self.
Luke just lights up around, you guessed it… Papi. Everyone loves Papi.
On New Years Day we all headed up to the field to shoot off rockets. I taught Abbie how to blow grass horns. She was very impressed. I was very proud.

Dad finally shot the rocket I got him when I was like 12. Abbie asks to watch the video every day.
I made some pretty perfect bread. I’m not sure how else to work that proud moment in there so here it is.

Abbie’s been coming up with some pretty awesome winter ensembles. Also, she is in desperate need of wearing socks with shoes now. My goodness all of a sudden… toddler feet ;)
These are my parenting skills in action. Luke had just learned to sit up like the day before. Naturally I put him on the brick step to practice. What’s the saying about holding the crown above their head and encouraging them to grow into it? Luckily, he’s been growing very well ;) Also, you try keeping a jacket on that girl.


Apparently my children don’t wear clothes.


This guy got his first haircut! This is not it.
He’s been taking a couple stroller rides.

Don’t pity him… he actually seems to like them ;)

Greg took me up to Sausalito to celebrate FOUR YEARS!!! Yippee! It was so much fun to be back to that magical little place where we spent the first part of our lives together… and to walk around and eat at all our favorite spots and be so happy… and yet be so happy we don’t live there. I just love where we are right now. I love our little town and I love being closer to my family and I just love our little life right now. That was a good feeling to be back to a place we loved and yet so happy where we are at now. Am I repeating myself? ;)
How cute is that man with his binoculars :)

Obviously there was food because I was starting Whole30 when we got back and there were many things that would be missed :)

Ya, I’m still on it and my mouth is literally watering right now. Cravings shmavings.


Coming home to these two. They are just the best. But then…
Sickness hit. With a vengeance. Luke had croup. And didn’t sleep more than 20 min day or night for a week. Then Abbie got something like the flu. Then Greg. Then every single person I knew. Except me. And here is where I pin myself with a glowing award of excellence. Because I was on a no fun diet which saved me from all sorts of sickness :) Yay me *she said to herself, alone in a corner.*
I have found these two handle sickness very differently. And together, my gosh it’s hard. Abbie is a snuggler. Hold me hold me all the time which you know, yes please! Except Luke is a thrasher. Bounce me shake me move me constantly DON’T STOP EVER. So holding both, bouncing one and trying to be still for the other is enough to make me want to quit life. There was much crying. There was no sleeping. There were lots of deep breaths and pep talks to just keep going because this momma was tiiiiired. But we made it! That’s two major sick weeks+ in two months folks. Did we fill our quota this year? I sure hope so.

Then the smiles came out and I saw the faint flickering light at the end of the tunnel.

OK Whole30. My parents did it a couple months ago and I thought WHYYYYY. Why would you give up dairy, gluten, legumes, WINE, sweets and all fun in life? And then I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism early this year and found myself on that very elimination diet. I never thought I could do such a thing what with my excessive love of food and extreme lack of self control, but four days left and I DID IT! I made it through a superbowl party, Greg’s birthday (which my mom so sweetly threw a brunch for him so I wouldn’t be tempted) — I did bring him a plate of perfectly powdered donuts which was SO hard to not partake in but anyways, VALENTINE’S DAY was definitely the hardest of all as all I wanted to do was shovel chocolate, and a couple nights out where I really wanted to cry when I had to order something without cream or butter or any sort of exciting-ness. But next week I should get my tests back and see if it impacted anything and then we’ll go from there. And I will be having a sweet date with my friends wine and chocolate. Greg can come too. I must say, if anything, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and this last month I didn’t have trouble one time! Also, no sickness when everyone around me was dropping like flies. I definitely do feel better overall and will definitely be altering my diet either way after this so I think it’s been a really good thing to do. I STARTED COOKING AGAIN and experimenting and while at home, I really have been having the best time! I love all my meals and have really really enjoyed it! At home. ;) Anyways all that to say, Valentine’s Day!
There were lots of heart shaped fruits in the place of all the sweets I would rather have been having. And there were pink and red m&ms to tell my family I loved them and to test just how committed I am to this thing called health ;) (I LOVE red and pink sweets of any kind. Something in my brain says eat me now) I did it though. And they are waiting for me come Wednesday!



These two. I just can’t get enough of them. But that week? The tail end of being sick forever week? I had had enough of them. Particularly the girl in pink. She has started testing me at every opportunity she can find.
These situations were common. My loving, sweet, neat, girl became verrrry very busy and started exploring pushing, hitting, shoving, biting. Mostly all aimed at brother. He tumbled down brick stairs, was dragged *sleeping* out of his swing, had his finger bit so hard it bled. And she bites hard. I know. She bit me this morning and I still have a mark. My goodness I just sat down all shaken up thinking WHAT IS HAPPENING!? But this week she’s back to being as sweet as can be! I guess minus the bite this morning… but that really seemed more exploratory. Oh no… am I an enabler!? Anyways, she’s been helping me so much and being so sweet with brother. Ohhh children. They keep me on my toes ;) There were massive meltdowns and tantrums and so many ohmygoshisthismylifenow moments. And then smiles. This one is workin the system.
But thanks to my dear husband reminding me, she really is the sweetest deep down in there and we are just having one massive test of where the boundaries are. And DANGGIT I’m up to the challenge little miss! Also, I love you. No matter what.
Bentley got skunked. I’m actually shocked this is the first time it’s happened.
I cooked a turkey cause that seemed like a good idea. But it was gross and we found the *plastic* bag of giblets cooked inside even though I looked for them several times like a good cooker person. Sigh, dad I need your turkey skills.

Somewhere in there, my kids took a really long nap which made me think “no, don’t tackle your ever growing list of projects, cut your hair off instead.” And that is how my brain works these days :)
And that’s all I have for now I think! Hope you all have the best week! Yay for sunshine! You know I love the rain but YAY for SUNSHINE!

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  1. CinnyPinny says

    Oh my gosh – that was SO funny! Love, love, love all of it! ( You are brave! Can’t BELIEVE you cut your own hair – Darling!!!)
    The 30 day challenge is HARD – especially at this time of year! My goodness- you deserve a Medal! Or chocolate!
    Poor Bentley! You should have called me!!! I can always help with stuff like that +I love him!!


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