7 months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane



EVERYBODY DANCE! This boy turned seven months old yesterday! And my goodness he is just as sweet as can be :) He’s currently mustering up all the boy noises (and they are very different than the girl noises) he can and saying a total of zero forms of gibberish. It’s all grunts over here. Sister has been putting him through the ringer this last month but that hasn’t stopped him from having the biggest crush on all things Abbie. He just lights up with the smiliest eyes and wide open smiley mouth when she enters his presence. It’s mighty adorable if I do say so myself.

Ohhhh croup. You were a tough one. The only way I could get him to stop crying was to stick him in the bathtub. He may have even fallen asleep in there. It may have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. It also didn’t help that he got his first tooth the very day croup struck. There were many tears and looks of pain. I am glad that is over.

I’m assuming on account of the teeth (oh ya, he has two!), the cold sweat nursing has begun. That boy clamps and will not let go. Not a fan of that business…

Minus today where he is making me eat my words with his desire to not. nap. he actually has been going down pretty easily! Greg was like, we really need to start sleep training – he takes forever! No no dear, ABBIE took forever. 45 minutes MINIMUM. Luke takes five. I’ll take five. But as all wise parents know, this can change in an instant so seven month Luke, thank you for giving your momma a break this month :)

He especially loves his dad and sister. I guess I should be offended but honestly, seeing him light around those guys is all the reward I need. Aren’t I sweet?

The spitting up is baaaack! Except in the form of staining throw up… thick and lovely. And only when I feed him solids. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s allergic to all things solid… we’ll try again next month.

He’s trying so hard to crawl! He gets up on those fours and rocks so hard he actually scootches forward! I just love the rocking :):) So cute and yet still so immobile. A mother’s dream!

Still a hair puller – maybe subconsciously that’s why I impulsively cut my hair ;) He has the strongest grip, loves being upside down and hates being alone. Little Luke, you are so loved. At the grocery store the other day, a lady said “now if I could get one of those, I’d definitely have kids!” We smiled proudly and didn’t dare tell her of the months of fussiness proceeding this newfound cheerful spirit! ;) I sure love you little man. Thank you for being my boy!

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