My boy Luke

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Luke Blane

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Oh Mister Luke. I know it’s hard to hold your own when you’re new and you have a big sister with a big personality who mostly just loves to be on top of you, but I just wanted you to know we sure love you. You make your daddy and I so happy with your sweet, snuggly self. I can’t wait to see what special personality He put inside of you :) I have a hunch you’ll be very perceptive since you’re only a month old and your favorite position to be is with your head thrown back, so you can look up into my face and straight into my soul. And then every once in a while I get the sweetest most special smile that lights up my whole darn life. I’m just so glad you are you and I can’t wait to get to know you more. Also, those cheeks are really turning into something else! Your daddy likes to make fun of me cause I can’t put you down or pick you up without kissing you. I don’t even notice I’m doing it! I sure love you, little man :) Love, Your Momma

She really loves you too ;)
These two, man. They made my whole life <3


  1. Cinnypinny says

    So very sweet.
    He’s getting SO big! I thinks he looks a lot like daddy
    all of a sudden.


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