Two Months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

Oh you dear second child, you. I always think I’ll remember each thing but that has yet to be the case. Ever. In any area of my life. I do remember another month of more spit up than you could ever imagine. And a boy that never wanted to be put down. Until yesterday… you let me put you down for like a full 5 minutes without even a whimper of protest and it was as if the clouds opened up and God said, I love you, Hillary. They say your brain has a huge growth spurt around these weeks so the extra fussiness is an expected thing. They say. On that note, this would be a more accurate second month picture. 2-months-2
As I recall, Abbie’s second month picture had red swollen eyes too… 2-months
It obviously must be a thing. And now we know. Anyways, you finally went to your *one* month check up today and she just held you close and whispered “he’s perfect.” I could tell she didn’t want to put you down cause she kept taking big whiffs of your head and telling me over and over how good you smell. (I was very glad I wiped you down before because well, that just isn’t always the case.) I’m making this sound very creepy but it was actually very sweet. You are the strongest standing little boy as evidenced here. Yee! I just love that picture. Your dad likes to point out you have neck rolls even while looking up. And you do, and it’s the best! You’re so goofy and sweet and just go along with everything. Your sister gives you about a million kisses a day. As soon as she sees you, she squeals “baby!” and her voice gets high and sweet and she smiles and gets as close to you as possible and pats you and I’m just in the corner melting and barking something about not poking your eyes. You love to suck on your entire hand. I keep trying to see if you’ll take a pacifier but you don’t seem too thrilled with it. Possibly because it’s pink with flowers. YOU SMILE. And it’s the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. Oh baby Luke. You’re just the sweetest of the fussy boys and I love you to bits! Thank you for all the midnight cuddles and side smirks at your mommas lame jokes. You’re the best and I’m so thankful that you’re mine. I sure love you, sweet boy!

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