Where on earth does the time go?? …we appear to have a one month old

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane


We did it! We kept two babies alive for a whole 31 days!!! Holy cow where does the time go?? This little guy is one month old today and is making my mommy heart swell with pride at every little thing he does. Oh? You hear that high pitched scream? No you didn’t step on the cat, that is my son and I love him so. Oh you just changed his diaper and he immediately filled it every. single. time? …That’s ma boy! Oh you think he’s small? Here, watch him stand with those mighty legs. I can’t tell you how full my heart is these days. I just love this little family of mine and this boy, well he’s just extra special.

Ok so, so far, he’s been a lot like Abbie except oh man, those first couple of days… so. much. poop. And it was weird and chalky and went everywhere. I swear it bounced. And sometimes there was shooting pee included. He’d shoot himself in the face, us in the face… it was a mess. I literally could not figure out how to change him without making the biggest mess imaginable. I had to google it. Literally. And none of their tricks worked  no matter what I tried but we seem to have gotten some sort of system down because Abbie’s back to being the “not it” child. Toddler poop, man. That’s a whole nother ballgame. Enough about poop. Moving on.

My kids and their necks. My goodness. This guy came out of the womb, was placed on my chest, popped that head up and then turned it from side to side for a good while there while I placed my eyeballs back into their sockets. Seriously, he is so strong. He started pushing off me while on my lap like on week two, can stand for several seconds just by holding my hands, and just the other day, on August 21st to be exact, he rolled from his belly to his back like a freakin superbaby. Not kidding. Who is this mighty man!? I think God gave him an extra dose of strength cause he came out so tiny ;) That was one of the reasons changing his diaper was so hard… you just try prying those little legs apart. Small but mighty, that one.

Oh he’s just the sweetest little guy – so mellow, loves to sleep all morning and well into the afternoon, is a total snacker, sleeper, snacker and loves to be worn preferably all day, every day. Except, sometimes he gets a bubble and it sounds like the tea kettle is going off… this boy, bless his soul, has the highest cry I’ve ever heard. I’ve mistaken him for a screaming woman, and definitely on more that one occasion thought that I accidentally sat on the cat… but no. It’s just my adorable son, Luke. He sure knows how to make my heart smile.

He must have found out Abbie was whooping him in the spitting up department in her day, and upped his game. We’ve had two major spitter uppers here, folks. It’s like the forever splash zone.

He has the sweetest quivering lip, is ridiculously alert, loves that head to be as far back as possible to take in as much as possible, smiles in his sleep, and is beyond tolerant with his dear older sister who loves to smother him with kisses and her self. Sometimes I wonder if she’s actually trying to kill him. But I think she likes him… I really think so?

Oh Luke Blane Nettles, we sure are glad you got put in our family. We love you so much sweet boy! HAPPY ONE MONTH!

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