Little Stories: The death of yet another lipstick

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This girl :) Oh my goodness she’s turning into a fiery little soul :) She’s has definitely entered into full on toddler everything these days and yesterday was no exception. I’ve found the hardest thing lately has been keeping up with dishes and laundry because they are just constant and with Greg home, for whatever reason, it’s harder for me to stay on top of them. So yesterday I was trying to tackle them once more while he was out running errands, and this little one snuck away ever so quietly to her beloved bathroom drawer. I wasn’t worried because for once she wasn’t on top of Luke so I let her be, as she typically is quite good at entertaining herself. Then there comes a time in a mothers day, when she wakes up and realizes the house has been just a bit too quiet and she should probably go check on a certain child. And this is how I found that child :) and I still can’t stop laughing. Our bathroom still looks like a crime scene but it’s just so endearing I may never clean it up ;) Obviously pictures were taken. But oh how I wish I could have had a video because she was clearly so pleased with herself UNTIL she caught her reflection in the shower faucet (it’s big and shiny and she loves to look at herself in it because she’s my child) and she just burst into tears. I about died. I’m obviously a wonderful, empathetic mother. I don’t know if you can see how thick she caked it onto her wrists but my goodness, red lipstick is hard to get off. There is a great possibility she’ll be slightly pink for several more days. I can’t help but smile inside because she’s such an observant child and noticed that momma had it on her lips just the day before, and I’m thinking she found it and wanted to try it on herself…and then just kept going and going. My goodness I love that child. Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Your attitude, Hilly, is just like a cool, bubbling, refreshing stream!!!! Why couldn’t you have raised my kids? Oh WAIT! You are my kid!❤️❤️


  2. Cinnypinny says

    That’s so, so precious! – your mom is right; you have a wonderful attitude about the whole “mess”!
    Once I knew a little 16 month old boy who, while potty training, did the SAME thing with poop! ( and even THAT was funny in the end!)
    So glad you got that new camera!


    • Hahah oh my goodness!!! That’s so funny! …now ;) And oh my goodness he was potty trained by 16 months! You get special mom points!


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