Tidbits from the last couple of weeks

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the daily life

Oh boy… I keep meaning to do a little update but every time I think of it, I get tired and do something else instead. So. many. bad. pictures. But such a sweet time! So bear with me here :) Having Greg home has been so wonderful. I honestly was really worried about it cause I’m definitely one that loves my alone time and thought there was a great possibility of us driving each other nuts but he’s been such an amazing help! He’s been cooking up a freakin storm and making the most incredible meals (I had no idea he had such skills!) and has been such a huge help with Abbie – their relationship has just blossomed so much since he’s been home .. I think this is the most time he’s spent with her.. ever! Paternity leave, man… it’s been such a huge blessing. My goodness this baby is a dream. We have no idea what to do when he fusses because it hardly ever happens and obviously something MUST be wrong. He’s definitely all boy though, as shown by his impressive boy skills. I have changed a total of one diaper in over two weeks that did not include poop. He’s got that skill mastered. Burping is another one. He’s so mellow and sweet and loves to eat and sleep and sleep but is super alert when he’s awake. He smiles more than any baby I’ve ever seen and just melts my heart more and more each day. I love this little boy so very much. I seriously am so happy. This little family of mine… I’m one lucky lady. So here you are! Little tidbits from the last couple of weeks :) 20160727-IMG_1024 20160727-IMG_1051

^^Just days before Luke’s arrival… Abbie thinking Bentley was the best friend she’d ever have…


^^This was one of my favorite moments of all time. This was the first real time she was able to hold him and she just kept giving him kisses and being so careful and loving. I think my heart may have burst.

^^That little head


^^She’s just the best auntie :)

^^I wasn’t kidding about this tiny little baby having enormous man feet :) they are just the cutest things!

^^His first pediatrician appointment he had big sister to watch over him verrrryyy carefully. And he measured 21.5″ long and had already exceeded his birth weight. I was so very proud.
^^It was also Abbie’s nap time and she thought the exam table was an excellent place to rest. That and the floor. She tends to just lie down when she’s had enough standing. Just like momma ;)

^^We got Luke his tree and I’m praying I don’t kill it because I love it so! And these two were positively adorable…
^^I mean come on

^^His little sleeping faces :):) he smiles so much!! my heart my heart! it’s utterly melted



^^this is a little girl who is trying her best to not look guilty


^^don’t be fooled. She is well aware that is his only toy…
^^Our first double stroller adventure to picnic in the park! It’s been real fun to show Greg all our places… and to see him get mom brain etc. So very fun :)
^^She’s been down this slide before. It was the slowest slide of all time. This time however, she went down at lightening speed and promptly face planted into the wood chips… bravest girl was she
^^those two :):)



^^I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of staring at that face

^^This is the face she makes when she goes to kiss him and he promptly spits up on her. She isn’t too sure about all the messes… my little clean girl :)

^^And this is how I find them if left unattended for all of two seconds
Or this
^^We went to Sonoma last weekend and took many naps in the park. Greg and his son stole the show while I was away…
^^More practicing :)
^^These grandkids sure love their Grammy
^^My cousin took this but how can I not share that cuteness!?
^^She’s looking like such a little lady these days! I can’t get over it. Slow down child!



^^How most of my pictures look these days ;)
^^Greg mentioned the words “Professor McGonagall” in the same sentence as my hair so I figured it was time for a new cut. It’s so much easier! And my bag doesn’t get caught on it anymore! And there’s loads less spit up in it these days. So many good things! And not being compared to this character anymore is always a plus ;) mcgonagall
Not that I don’t love her!


So there you have it! Loads of cuddles and spit up and diapers and not being all that productive in general, it’s been the best couple of weeks. I am a very blessed woman :)

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