Happy third trimester baby! // 28ish Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

28 weeks28 weeks-2How far along? 28 weeks although midwife now thinks 30… oh this is exciting, isn’t it?

Weight Gained: My scale said I weigh 122lbs heheheh I’m the skinniest pregnant woman of all time! And then I went to my prenatal appointment which corrected my broken machine to reflect that no no, you’ve gained 29 pounds. Holy my.

Symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms are embarrassing.

Movement: This one is the most active little thing – especially in the middle of the night. But if you ask to feel, he or she will play dead. You have been warned.

Food cravings: Not particularly. Mexican still sounds good. As do sweets. As does steak.

Food aversions: Nope

Sleep: You guys! I’ve been staying up past 9:30! I’m sorta proud, sorta very sleepy. Apparently I now cannot fall asleep before 1. I am not in college anymore. This is no longer fun.

Stretch marks? Not that I’ve noticed

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not really

Mood? Been pretty stable in comparison to previous weeks. But then again that’s not saying much… ;)

Maternity Clothes? I need a stylist. I’m bored with all of my clothes.

New baby items: Heck yes! Can you even either believe this sweetness will be happening oh so soon?? IMG_0873
MATCHING FOOTY PJ’S!?! My goodness I can’t wait :) Also, we got some smaller more adorable pj’s that I’m too lazy to take a picture of right at this very moment and the softest little newborn onsie with no stains from big sister ;) and a hat (WHY?? I HAVE SO MANY HATS THAT ABBIE NEVER ONCE WORE) but it resembled a giraffe and was begging to be bought, AND Gregory picked out the most adorable stuffed animal that I’ve been hiding from the little girl that loves her stuffed animals. We’ll see how long that lasts. Sharing will be learned early on I think.

Exercise: I walked to the park yesterday. It’s a start.

Best moment of the week: My love took me on a lovely little babymoon. And Abbie became well again. And THIS. IMG_0900
IT’S SO PRETTY!!! And I know what you’re thinking… I’m so surprised she went with all white… hardy har har. But anyways this sink! it has running water and it’s beautiful and I can’t stop staring. And I gave Abbie the most luxurious bubble bath in her new tub last night and I couldn’t stop smiling. But the toilet… the SECOND toilet we’ve purchased for this bathroom is giving us grief so it looks like the finish line is still forever away but until then I’ll just keep turning that faucet off and on and smiling. Because it’s pretty.

Looking forward to: I’m really so looking forward to meeting you, baby!!


  1. Cinnypinny says

    I’m so glad I can finally make comments again! Something was wrong for awhile there.

    Hilly, you ARE the skinniest pregnant woman! (again) Yes, it’s true, you are!
    And you look beautiful too! Bathroom sink!! I love it. Love the walls, my favorite fix.


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