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This week a kitty decided to start leaving us presents on our doorstep. Three days and three half eaten rodents later, I think we have a pretty solid friendship in the making.

This week a red crayon and a yellow crayon appeared in the dryer and as life tends to work itself out, melted on all the new clothes and miraculously and mysteriously didn’t mark any of the “around the house” clothes. It does baffle me how this seems to be a universal law.

This week our bathroom did not get finished.

This week Greg had to take a whole day off work because his wife was too hormonal. He should know by now that if he doesn’t want this to keep happening, he shouldn’t take me to lunch by the sea.

This week I laid on the driveway sobbing that we were going to lose our baby because one big dog was scared of one small broom and took off, knocking this pregnant lady into the air and directly onto her back. I now have a cool shackle tattoo around my ankle and a special new hobble to my walk but our midwife was sweet enough to come immediately over and make sure everything was okay. That little one is a trooper.

Last night Abbie was alternating between squealing giggles which is, I’m quite certain, the best sound God ever invented, and whining-tugging-sad girl. Greg didn’t get home till 10 and I was too tired and mentally fried to face anything on my ever expanding to do list. All that to say, I’m so thankful that God gave us night and new mornings every day. Can you imagine if days never ended? I love that despite not one thing being different, today is a new day and we get new energy (even if it’s not abundant ;) ) and a new outlook to tackle whatever is before us. I’m awfully thankful for that. And I’m thankful for nap times and that my baby girl is a napping rockstar these days. I’m so SO thankful for that. Despite all those instances above, this week was a good week and has made me so thankful for my family and all the blessings He has so generously lavished on us if we just keep our eyes open and peer beyond the obvious UGHS and see the gifts instead. Like that we have our own doorstep that people and kitties can leave things on! We have a dryer and don’t have to go to the laundromat which is my least favorite thing ever! and that the crayon really could have been way worse and now I know. Check pockets. Always check pockets. WE GET TO DO A REAL RENOVATION! That still blows me away. I got to spend a whole work day with my love and reconnect on a day I was feeling particularly hurt and distant. Our baby is a little warrior and kickin away in there. I seriously cannot wait to meet him or her. I’m so excited for Abbie to be a big sister I could burst! Seeing her care for her dollies every day is just… all the heart eyes. I can’t describe it ;) And tomorrow, we get to have a mini little babymoon and I can’t wait. I don’t know why thankfulness seems to be so quickly overshadowed by other things but I do know that there are way more blessings chalked into our days than negatives if only we are willing to look for them. Anyways, all that to say, I hope you have a great week searching for the treasures :) Happy Tuesday!


  1. You and your blogs are a little burst of refreshment for unto my soul :) Thank you for pointing me back to being grateful! So true… It’s real easy for me to get wrapped up in UGHs and forget all the goodness all round :) You are one special sis that I love so very much!


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