A babymoon, an ER visit and a whole lot of life lately

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IMG_9769Guess who’s falling behind again…. I was looking through my pictures and had no idea where to start because I’ve missed so much lately but hey! let’s start here. Weeks and weeks ago Greg took me on a delightful little babymoon! We tried our best to not only talk about Abbie but to focus on this new little one that is COMING IN LIKE TWO MONTHS!!!! How! HOW?? Every day I tell Greg what I think it is – last week it was definitely a boy. Definitely. This week, by jove, it’s a girl! It’s sort of fun not knowing but I don’t think I’d do it again.. I feel like I’m sort of missing the bond I had knowing Abbie was a girl – picking stuff out and dreaming what our family was gunna be like. Although, I’m glad to have done the guessing thing one time. I’ve been going through all of Abbie’s old clothes and picking out the gender neutral stuff which is you know, making me all sorts of excited. I even got baby a new little crib sheet so if it is a he, he doesn’t have to sleep in pink. The cultural horrors! Anyways, babymoon! It was so nice to get to spend some time with my beloved and not be completely zoned out like I usually am these days. We carried on real conversations, ate and ate and ate delicious food, and slept in as late as we wanted which was just dreamy. Some pictchas below! IMG_0445
Oh wait! how did she get in there?? This was before we left ;) I always have to take a million pictures before we leave so I have something to look at while we wait for HOURS till my mom sends us something. ;) You ask her where baby is and up goes the shirt with the little pointing finger. Clearly baby is under the shirt.IMG_0444
View from our first room ;) We ended up going down to Carmel to try to save a little money (ha ha). Greg got us the HUGEST suite that we walked into and both felt overwhelmed by it’s ginormous size so we ended up switching the next night to a new room that was about 1/8 of it’s size ;) But he was so sweet to try to accommodate my growing size with his former room choice ;) IMG_0348
Second room! So cozy with even better views!! We loved it :) IMG_0428
They had the BEST waffles there that I clearly had no trouble holding back on. Made me sufficiently sick each morning but so so worth it. I want another one. IMG_0443IMG_0439
There were the most lovely walks along the beach where we met a wonderful dog named Bandit who just sits there and waits for his master to come back from surfing. At least that’s what his collar said. Whaddagooddog <3
And the most delicious meals. Apparently the only things I take pictures of though, are coffee and cheese.

And then we came home to have a day at home by ourselves which, at the time sounded so luxurious (no kids or dog WHAAAAAT!?) but in the end just seemed really lonely. We ended up playing chess, because we are 80, and clearly don’t know what to do with ourselves these days. It was actually really fun. Greg won. I let him. Don’t tell. I kinda wanted to look up chess strategies after and make it a thing. We’ll see ;) I did convince him I was in the chess club in high school so that was fun. IMG_0440
And then the next day we got to see our lil girl again and it was the best. She was so smiley and sweet and was really into giving lots of hugs and kisses. I noticed she was a little warm but she generally runs pretty hot so I wasn’t too worried. By the afternoon I decided to take her temperature and sure enough, she had a small fever – only about 99 but it explained the extra cuddly behavior. By that night it had gone up to I think 103 and I was praying it would be down in the morning. And it was! So we went to church, she screamed through childcare, and her teacher said she thinks she might have a fever again. By the time we got home she just seemed so limp and was getting hotter and hotter so Greg ran out and got one of those ear thermometers that takes a temp in like a second (OMG how did we not get this sooner!? she hates getting her temperature taken and squirms SO much) Anyways, by the time he got back with motrin and the thermometer, it was up to 105! We gave her some medicine and called the nurse on call (because these things never happen during office hours ;) ) and she said the meds should help but if it doesn’t go down, take her in. So we put her down for her nap and when she woke up she was on fire! I took her temp and it was up to 106.7 so we jumped in the car and headed to the ER. I’m not much of a worrier when it comes to fevers because I truly believe they are helping fight off something and with proper rest etc, you’ll normally be fine – but this one was just SO high and for the first time I got so scared that something really bad could be going wrong. But her tests kept coming back good – they didn’t know what was causing it which was still scary, and she was extremely dehydrated so she was put on fluids all night, but she seemed to be hanging in there rather well. She was the bravest little girl, I was so proud of her. We spent the night there which is rather a joke – they wake you up ever couple of hours to poke or test or generally disrupt your sleeping baby ;) but in the morning her fever was down and they said we could go home since they had ruled out the severe viruses. I was so worried it was meningitis or something super scary so it was rather a relief to know it was most likely none of those. When we got back home, it shot back up to 105 but we just kept alternating her meds and gave lots of cuddles and got her to sleep a lot and by the evening it was down to 101 and she was eating/ drinking again! (She wouldn’t take anything for 2 days so this was a huge relief too) IMG_0570IMG_1425IMG_1426
^^she got a little monkey for being so very brave :):)
^^could those hospital cribs look any more like prison??
^^BEST cuddles // the one perk of having a sick baby
By the next morning she was all smiles, her fever was gone, and she was back to her happy self like nothing ever happened. We went for a follow up at her pediatrician and I noticed the tiniest, mildest little rash forming on her back. She said to watch out for it and if it spreads, it was most likely roseola. I have to watch myself when I tell people that cause I’m pretty sure I’ve told people she had rubella haha. Pregnancy brain. Anyways, sure enough, she got the mildest little rash all on her tummy and back that was gone the next day but luckily confirms that was what she had. My midwife said that in order for the rash to break out (which only happens when you are on the mend and your fever is gone) your fever has to go above 105 which is kind of crazy so when people try to keep the fever way down with this particular virus, the kids end up getting more sick! Anyways, so happy that is over and she is well :)

Let’s see, what else. I’ve been painting away, trying to get our bathroom and guest room ready for our next guests and because BABY IS COMING holy goodness so very soon. Abbie’s been like this most of the time.IMG_1099
She needs as much attnetion as mommy. So I’ve been trying to take a couple days off to go to the park and actually see the outside lands. Seriously cannot wait for all this painting to be done. IMG_1132 copy
^^is that not the happiest cookie you’ve ever seen?? When she sees yummy things now, she goes “ooOo!! num num!!” It’s pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

There was a beach day which is just so good for the frinkin soul so here’s a million pictures of her walking on sand.IMG_1083IMG_1084
And let’s see, she’s been helping me in the kitchen a whole lot more which is just the best. I always dreamed of cooking/baking with my kids and IT’S HAPPENING! and it’s so fun :):)
And as of recently, she is now best friends with dada! It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Just look at that love in her eyeballs when she looks at him. I can’t even get her to look at me during dinner anymore – she only has eyes for him. And I don’t mind because I get it. He’s the best and them together… I can’t take it. It’s too good.
IMG_1430 copy
So there’s just a smidge of life lately. I hope you all are well and have a WONDERFUL HUMP DAY!!!


  1. Jennifer says

    Oh this was just the BEST post! Better than a GIANT piece of chocolate cake! 😍😍😍

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  2. CinnyPinny says

    That was so scary! I know that fevers have a purpose but my goodness! Thanking God it wasn’t anything worse – He is SO good.
    Looks like you guys had a lovely get-away. How fun!
    Super cute pictures, Hilly


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