24 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy


How far along? 24ish weeks – last time I went to my midwife she was convinced we were farther along so 24-26ish weeks ;) This should make for some interesting betting when the time comes…

Weight Gained: 21 lbs. boom.

Symptoms: I have so much to do but I’ve been using Abbie’s second nap to take my own MUHAHAH and it is so lovely. A couple weeks ago I had the fun sensation of feeling empty yet super full yet hard as a rock yet yet yet… I kept moaning and Greg would say what’s wrong?? And I would just start crying cause I was in so much pain but I couldn’t describe it. That was fun. I think baby just burst into big baby in there and my belly wasn’t ready for it. We’ll go with that cause the other option is more embarrassing. Oh and hi, sciatica. I remember you. Oh! and pregnancy brain! I almost forgot ;)

Movement: This one is a busy bee! And they aren’t like little jab kicks… they are the rolling kind that kind of tickle. But hey, second children have to fight for attention so I get it. Our midwife mentioned something about this one “running us ragged” since she can never get a heartbeat cause it’s constantly kicking away so *deep breath* come on energy! don’t fail me now!

Food cravings: I think Taco Bell has been on the top of my cravings list this entire pregnancy. Who knows why? but mmmm the melty cheeeeese. I could eat it all day every day. Kinda gross to type that out but anyways. Today we had 0 food in the house so we stopped there for lunch since it was, you know, right by the grocery store. So then we walked over to the grocery store and left our car on their side of the parking lot since we were only picking up a few things. Out we come with three bags of groceries only to have our cart wheels lock 50 feet from the car. Apparently Safeway’s parking lot does not extend to Taco Bell’s parking lot even though THEY LOOK THE SAME. Noted. That was a funny sight – big ol pregnant lady trying to carry three heavy bags of groceries, praying they don’t break cause double bagging is a thing of the past, with a gallon of milk and a baby that wants to get down. We made it! We held up some traffic. I was embarrassed. I will not stop going to Taco Bell. I’m thinking about it right now. Aaaand moving on.

Food aversions: Does cooking count as a food aversion?

Sleep: I will take this opportunity to announce that MY BABY GIRL SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT IN HER VERY OWN CRIB FOR THE FIRST TIME I THINK SINCE WE FIRST MOVED HERE! And she’s been going down for her naps better and better! First day she cried for mmm two hours? Poor tile guy that was here heheh… Second day, only 10 minutes! Third day 5-10 min and TODAY only 3 min. I’m so impressed. I know this is supposed to be about my sleep but my goodness. Also, I slept really well last night, thanks.

Stretch marks? I keep asking Greg, “do these count as stretch marks?” thinking he’ll be all sweet like my mom and say “no, hunny – that’s nothin!” But he just says “yes” and goes back to checking emails. MEN.

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not having sciatica was nice.

Mood? Mostly just feeling incredibly overwhelmed and find myself doing nothing instead cause I don’t know where to start. I have a very understanding husband. I love him so.

Maternity Clothes? Feeling so frumpy these days. The nothing fits stage is now.

New baby items: Not yet :/ well boy do I feel like a lame parent.

Exercise: I almost got inspired to start working on that the other day…

Best moment of the week: The Klein’s came into town last weekend! And stayed in Abbie’s nursery cause guess who still doesn’t have their guest room back… or a guest bath for that matter… hehe The guys went golfing real early one morning and Greg THREW BACK THE COVERS AND DRAGGED ME OUT OF BED and then made the bed behind me so I couldn’t get back in! so that Klein could use our shower. I’m looking forward to having another bathroom :) And then our water went away completely and sand filled all the pipes and the rodents decided to make their home in Greg’s liquor locker and the ants thought now would be a good time to charge on in. But I’m glad we have good, understanding friends that are totally fine with our old old problem house. And we had a great time with them. Hence, best moment of the week.

Looking forward to: The weekend!!! I’ve been so tired lately so I’m very much looking forward to having someone else here to take an Abbie shift :):) Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Hehe my favorite was the visual of Greg throwing back the covers, dragging you out and sweetly making the bed so you couldn’t get back in. You two are somethin else that I love so much :) And boy, you had a lot on your hands, what with a beebee, and natural wildlife roaming about, making themselves feel comfortable in your home! Everyone loves your little house! Even them. ;) And I think I have sympathetic cheese cravings… And an aversion to cooking :/ I’ve just had no energy to cook ANYTHING when I get home :( Maybe planning out my meals like I used to do will help…


  2. Cinnypinny says

    Sorry I haven’t responded lately – my computer (or something?) has not let me access the comments section.
    The pictures are absolutely adorable – you look GREAT by the way!
    Please promise me that you will rest whenever you can – pregnancy is hard enough on a body but a pregnant woman with a one year old child in tow is REALLY tough! I think your body IS telling you something.
    Love, Cindy

    As usual, VERY funny about the aversion to cooking!


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