On the day I found out you were coming

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Little things I want to remember about precious baby #2!IMG_5241

On the day I found out you were coming, I was sitting in church listening to a sermon on “Change of Plans.” Ha! I thought. This year has been a change of plans… mostly I was thinking how it looked like I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again for a while and coming from a lady that has always wanted to have her kids close together, that’s really hard to accept. Everyone in my family seemed to have their kids 15 months apart – my sister and I were, my dad and his sister were, I think my mom and her sister even were! And then that opportunity ticked on by and then the next month and then the next. I never thought I’d long for dear old Auntie Flo to come on back but she kept remaining very mysterious popping in to say hiya there and then disappearing for months. Every day I’d have cramps and get so frustrated that I had to have cramps with no period and worse – cramps with no pregnancy. GO AWAY YOU LYING CRAMPS. They felt so much like the cramps I had with Abbie, I was almost sure this was it! I told Greg I really think I’m pregnant this time! And he said something about my crazy level matching up pretty accurately. And we got excited! And then sad when day after day tests came back negative. [ PS if you are a psycho tester like me, get the wondfo strips on amazon – they are the best ;) ] I decided to just put it out of my mind and not think about it anymore until maybe one day it would become glaringly obvious that maybe just maybe we were able to get pregnant again. So there I sat, trusting God that His change of plan was for the best and that His timing is perfect and that ultimately He is in control of our family. That night, I don’t know what possessed me, I took another test – do you see how good my self control is? I didn’t feel pregnant at all (minus the fact that I kept falling asleep on poor Jennifer) – I guess I just thought I should test one more time just in case, while Greg’s mom and sister are here so that if there is any chance, we can tell them all together at dinner tomorrow! I really don’t know what I was thinking because the likelihood of it all was so slim. But then, two little lines and cue Hillary going into complete shock. Everyone was out watching football and although I had the wonderful desire to call Greg away to tell him such good news right when the game had seconds left muhahaha, I just stood in there shaking from who knows what – shock I guess – and excitement – and every other emotion that floods you when you get that news. So I waited till everyone went to bed and left it out on the counter for my beloved to find ;) a stick of pee. how sweet. We are very romantic over here. He got the most boyish smile on his face and asked me if I thought it was real – boys never trust such things. So he picked up some fancy ones on the way home from work the next day and with bated breath, we waited and got the same result! Conveniently, we were going out to a nice dinner with both our parents that night as it was Lory and Jennifer’s last night with us, and we were able to tell both of them at the same time, which is something I wanted to do so badly. The thing about babies is, although some people seem to be able to get pregnant super easily, I still find every single occurrence such a miracle! The chance of it happening at all just blows my mind and so to me, it’s so special because every single child we have, whether they make it to this life or not, feels like a special gift from Him – something picked so perfectly for your family to complement you and stretch you and grow this unit into what He intended it to be. I see that so much with Abbie – she has been such a healing presence to so many of my family members through this hard year, and definitely to me. I can’t wait to see who He picked for us next. And although everyone who finds out how sweet Abigail is has decided to curse my next one and tell me they will be a terror, I am determined to love that little terror from one second child to another :) So welcome to our family, little baby! We can’t wait to meet you!IMG_5242

^^ you’re going to be a big sister Abbie! ;) ^^


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