A little party for a little girl

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Abigail Elizabeth

IMG_5162I cannot believe we have a one year old. A TODDLER! Where did my baby go!? We had so much fun celebrating this little sweetheart. I was debating doing anything this year because I’ve been so tired from hosting thanksgiving AND christmas but I’m so glad we did. We just kept it real simple with cake and punch and it ended up being such a joyous and special day :) Pictchas below if you’re interested!IMG_5199

She loved seeing all the decorations and kept pointing at them and saying “dogue!” which is her word for dog. which is what she calls everything she’s excited about ;)


^^she was very good about making sure everyone had their party hats
^^and of course was sure to show off her latest party trick: WALKING! She started just four days before her birthday and my mind is still trying to take it in.

IMG_5208 (1)IMG_5222IMG_5220IMG_5161IMG_5225^^center of attention much?IMG_5226
^^but, I mean, she does do some pretty cute thingsIMG_5227
^^and was big on birthday kisses <3
^^she was the daintiest birthday cake eater I’ve ever seen! delicately picking off each sprinkle…

^^about as crazy as it got ;)
There’s something very amusing about family pictures with pointy hats. Also, I have the longest baby. IMG_5219IMG_5218

Happy birthday Miss Abigail! You are the best gift your daddy and I have ever received. We love you so much!

Oh and, we kept eating her cake today. This is her “mom’s making me do it so she doesn’t feel guilty eating it alone” face. Four boxes of funfetti!? Someone has to finish that shiz off. Teamwork pictured here. IMG_5231
Oh ya. And as per her shirt that you can’t really see – come late summer, this girl is becoming a big sister! We couldn’t be more excited. So top that gift buying parents! We gave our child a human and the gift of exercising patience for her birthday ;) you’re welcome.


  1. Taylor Welty says

    This was the most elegantly whimsical party I’ve ever seen for a beebee :) What a pwesus girl… She sure is special. I love her so!


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