Please stay a baby forever | 11 months

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

IMG_3881 IMG_3882^^hehe this picture is so bad but it makes me so happy! I love that little bug more than she’ll ever know and I’m just cherishing every morning we get to just hang out and have tickle fights because I know it won’t last forever. But right now is so, so good.

Oh HI almost ONE YEAR OLD! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!? STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT! Ok this year has been one of the best and it’s all because of this bean! I got the stink eye from a lady the other day because I happened to mention that being a mom is a lot easier than I ever expected but in my defense, I have a perfect child HA just kidding but really, I think I just had really low expectations for parenthood so all this just seems so nice and easy compared to the horrorville I had mustered up in my head. For example: no sleep. Parents are known for being sleep deprived. Coming from a lady that could sleep and lounge all day if you let her, that little tidbit sounds like a living hell. BUT they don’t tell you, you are sleep deprived because the most insanely cute little human wants to come and snuggle all night and wake you up first thing in the morning to tell you with her infamous pointing finger that DOG and AH da da da nuk nuk nuk and you nod and listen with the most pride that your daughter nuk nuks all morning and then she flashes that trillion dollar 4 tooth smile that makes you say YES, I will come watch you pull out and hug each of your stuffed animals because sleep is for sissies and this is so much better! and you mean it. Seriously, I love being a mom. Not to say I don’t still find myself in a corner rocking and crying, rocking and crying, but even then she comes and crawls in my lap and doesn’t seem to mind or notice that nothing got done that day. Kids man. They are the best. Alright so:

Possibly my favorite new trait of hers: she can suck out of a straw. I know. I’m utterly impressed.

Although this started last month, she can stand on her own pretty well like, oh hi – you just popped up in the middle of the room like you have killer thigh muscles and incredible balance and were just hiding behind the guise of your wobble walk all this time. And although she still likes to be held 98% of her waking hours which causes her to lunge forward if she sees you, she CAN stand. So there’s that.

She is really into food. I know I talk about food a lot and take pictures of it and daydream about what I’ll be eating next but that’s because it’s basically my life and you should know that by now. So. once again, this girl can eat (and I am proud) and wants to eat whatever you are eating (and I am proud) and ohmygoodness her “mmm….mmm…” eating noises fill my heart with such joy. She’s a little food savorer and it’s just the best.

She finally waves hi and bye. haha. It’s so crazy to see her actually responding to things…. what else are you picking up, Missy…. but really! you say, say hi! and her little fingers start going up and down. Miracle child I tell you.

She loves music. Whenever I pick her up from her class at BSF, her teacher always says, she’s very worshipful! hehe That just cracks me up. But she sure loves music and will get that little hand going or her whole upper body rocking with any hint of a tune. And it’s the best.

She’s turned super affectionate with her stuffed animals. She loves to give them kisses (and you kisses! AH!) and hold them really close on her shoulder. And she loves when you make a kissy noise.

She loves to play Where’s Abbie?? and appears to think she disappears when she puts a blanket on her head. The cutest thing is she always leaves it on a little too long and sometimes gets stuck under it :) but you ask her where did she go!? and about 5 long seconds later she’ll reemerge with the biggest smile on her face.

This little nugget is such a joy and makes my messy, tired life a million times better than my orderly, sleep-filled former life. She’s such a people person, a cuddler, a starfish sleeper, and complete love machine wrapped up into one tall skinny almost one year old body. We sure love you Abigail and can’t wait to celebrate the wonderful day you were born so very soon!

I’m going to go cry now.

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