Little Stories: The Case of the Crêpe

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Abigail Elizabeth / little stories

Image-1 (3)Sometimes All the time I wonder what is wrong with my brain. Like yesterday, when I went out to the garage to get Abbie’s diapers out of the dryer and saw our neighbor in the middle of our backyard, picking our fruit, and all I could think to say was hi. Not, umm… whatcha doin there?, like a normal person would. I scurried into the garage and that was that. Another awkward encounter for the books. Well today, in typical Hillary fashion, I had another lapse of judgement. It all started with a heaping dose of mommy pride as I let onlookers watch as my baby girl proved once again, just how much she loves food. We’ve been doing the method of feeding her whatever we are eating, so there she sat on my lap, the sweetest little girl, politely sharing bites of my chicken pesto crêpe. Not that that’s all that adventurous but you know, celebrate the little things. So there I was, proudly giving her bite after bite, soaking in the joy of how easy this all was, till she started to show signs of wanting to spit something out. She’s pretty good about that too – if a bite is too big, you just hold out your hand and she’ll give it right back to you. So out went my hand and out came the food… like all of it… in the form of vomit that went everywhere. There I sat, holding a cupped-hand-full of vomit wondering what to do with it. What do you do with vomit in public? No one really went over that in all my years of schooling. So, off I go in search of napkins, bringing my sour baby and now sour self along to grace the cafe with the smell of the heavens, dripping everywhere as we go. But seriously. WHAT DO YOU DO? So chuckling to myself, I wiped us up as good as I could and left quickly with my head held high, souring the air and drip drip dripping our way to the car. And yes, that car ride literally reeked of fun. Happy hump day y’all :)


  1. Heheheheh I love the way you describe things :) :) What did you do with it? Keep it cupped in your hands? Oh Hilly, you da funniest sis! And most wonderfully elegant mom in times of chaos!


  2. Cinnypinny says

    I LOVE IT!!! You must know that happens to just about EVERY mom, right? Oh my goodness, so funny!
    Say…why/who is this person picking fruit? A neighbor? I think it’s time for a No Trespassing sign. GRACIOUS!
    Happy Thanksgiving sweet family!
    Love, CinnyPinny


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