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IMG_2620Playing catchup over here! Ha! I’m so far behind. Currently, we’ve been having some glorious rain the last couple of days which has been a little slice of heaven minus the troops of ants who have consequently invited themselves into our home. Our lame landlord refuses to take care of the issue. And that maid of ours is really slacking on her duties. Our house is always messy! Sheesh. Anyways, here’s a couple snaps from life lately :)

IMG_3023Greg’s mom and sister came out for a couple of weeks over Thanksgiving. I’m so glad Abbie got to meet another aunt and of course see her other grandma again! FullSizeRender (3)

We went whale watching …which was fun for most of us ;)
Yes, I realize those are dolphins. There were whales too, okay?IMG_4287
I was slightly terrified Abbie would slip right over that bobbing edge though. Them boats be rocky! I don’t think she’s ever been held so tightly in her life ;)IMG_3289 (1)

Since we instilled a love of the ocean in all parties involved on that adventure, we continued to return to it for walks and lunches and stuff… what do they say? Get back on the horse? We stayed on land this time around :)dad and abbieIMG_4285
There were trips to Monterey and they even got to see my dad’s band play on the coldest night of the year :)IMG_4286

And of course, we had our first Thanksgiving at our new house!FullSizeRenderIMG_3153
Dad even shared his secrets with Greg on how to make a perfect turkey :):)FullSizeRender (1)
So proud! And we documented our family as is our tradition on such days. Except Bentley somehow got forgotten… which is becoming strangely regular these days… pooooor buddy :[ momguiltmomguilt!IMG_3154

Other than that, we’ve just been having lots of these sorts of morningsIMG_3708
And Abbie is looking like a giant grownup girl!IMG_3707
Am I right!?
She met Santa for the first time…santa
And Greg and I went to a Frank Sinatra party and my hair turned out really cool so it gets a picture ;) not to mention… dad’s head… IMG_3731
Plus this photo of my mom is awesome IMG_3733

And that’s about it! In case you didn’t know, CHRISTMAS IS COMING CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! We wish you all a LOVELY holiday season :)
2015-Christmas-Cardcropped(we never did get our Christmas card out this year ;) )


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