10 Months

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

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Oh hi, cutest girl in the world! Seriously, my face often hurts from smiling too big cause she just does the CUTEST THINGS! Obviously she makes you work for her smiles but those little suckers never disappoint. Greg said this has been his favorite stage yet so here we go – 10 months!

Umm I suppose I should mention those pearly whites finally made their grand debut. Two on the top, two on the bottom. Bam. It’s like she was thinking, oh, you thought I couldn’t produce teeth? ya, here’s four.

She loves dancing, she loves piggy back rides, she loves to walk around the room with you and hang on mommy’s legs during dishes. She points at everything. She doesn’t talk yet but she has said what sounds like “dog” at very convincing moments – like when pointing at Bentley… except when I ask “dog?”, she just stares at me as if to say, that’s what I just said, woman. I’m pretending her real attitude isn’t what I’m making up these looks to mean. Otherwise HELLO.

She’s been sleeping with us about half the night and has learned the best way to wake mom up in the morning is to hurl herself through the air and onto mom’s head. I’ve seen her! She just sits up and free dives backwards onto my face on purpose. Head butts first thing in the morning are not my favorite but once the collision has ended, there is a moment she’ll nuzzle right in there and give big open mouth sloppy kisses before getting up to repeat the process. And that moment is the sweetest.

We’ve been watching Suits pretty frequently and my goodness she loves the theme song. She will stop whatever she’s doing to sit up and flap those arms. It’s mighty adorable. She really loves music – I’m pretty certain she’s gunna be a drummer. Greg refuses to get her a drum set yet but come next Christmas…. ;)

She’s ticklish under her chin, giggles whenever mom and dad kiss, and has the most adorable head shake. That head shake. It’s the best.

She’s also been fine tuning the adorable new skill of backing off of furniture – she turns and holds on before sliding off and everything! I was so proud… except the last couple of days she’s reverted back to her former ways of just bolting off head first. Luckily I think she inherited her momma’s hard head.

She’s the best little eater, loves her touch and feel books, and LOVES her grammy. She’s so close to walking and would spend all day going up and down the stairs if I would let her. Ten month Abbie, you’re the best! We love you little girl!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Oh my goodness – There HAS been a growth spurt! So much change in just one month, it’s almost unbelievable.
    She’s adorable and VERY precious.


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