Halloween and other delights

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Abigail Elizabeth / wedded bliss

IMG_1918IMG_1899IT’S RAINING!!!!! AND THERE HAPPENS TO BE CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON AT THE SAME TIME!!! Let’s just call it a Christmas miracle because how these two occurrences happened to happen at the same time, is beyond me :):) I was really hoping to keep up this blog and document all the funny things that happen throughout the day, and the house progress etc but I have come to find, life works more along the lines of: she’s asleep! QUICK!!! GET THE LAUNDRY IN! DO THE DISHES! PAINT LIKE A MAD WOMAN BEFORE YOU HEAR THE CRY!!! So, my well intentioned progress pictures and before and afters are quite non existent. I truly thought, when looking at this house originally and dreaming of its potential, that I would slowly and lovingly restore each historic detail… stripping the doors and windows and bringing them back to their shining formal glory. In reality, paint is amazing and if you don’t look closely and kind of just keep shaking your head to slightly blur all vision, you can’t even see all those nicks and gashes! So if you come to my house, just squint and ooooo and ahhh because I’m doing the best I can do for the time being. hehe. Maybe when Greg and I are old and withered, we’ll hobble around finally having the time to sit there and putty all holes. It’s a sweet image.

Anyways, why am I telling you all this? Oh! because I have no time to write things down! I really should put in an ongoing commentary as to what happens while I try to write a simple paragraph these days. It would go something like this: IT’S RAINING!!!!! AND THERE HAPPENS TO BE CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON AT THE SAME TIME!!! Let’s just call it [*bang* Abbie just fell down the step head first. *goes to pick her up* aaaand try to hold yourself together as blood dribbles onto all her clothes… those teeth, man… they are troopers…] Christmas miracle because how these two occurrences happened to happen [*crash* what was that!? oh no MOVE THE CHAIR! MOVE THE CHAIR! someone left their coffee on the ground to the great delight of the crawling girl and it’s making its way surprisingly fast to your stupidly light-colored linen upholstery on account of your downward sloping floor! and while you are up, why don’t you change the laundry, and where is Abbie? … oh look she figured out how to open the gate and is escaping into the driveway… BENTLEY STAY HERE STAYYYYY HEREEEEE …etc] You get the point ;) So anyways, our weekend was really fun! My cousin and her husband came over to carve pumpkins and watch The Birds which, turns out, is a truly awful movie. I don’t understand… so many things. And then there was Halloween! And although my dreams of making Abbie a ham costume like on To Kill a Mockingbird, didn’t come true, she still made a pretty cute cloud. So, pics below ;) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s basically the holiday season now!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D (Greg disagrees)

^^ can you tell which one is ours?? STAAAAAAN! ^^IMG_2135
^^she really liked these fun bowls of treats on the ground… turns out she figured out how to suck the Reese’s wrappers open ;) I was wondering why it got so quiet over there… also, don’t laugh… in Pasadena, we ran out of candy and it was the saddest thing. NOT THIS YEAR! I thought. Ya, we got one trick-or-treater. ONE… and it was our adult neighbor who ended up giving US candy. Reverse trick-or-treating, he called it. Umm, I was up all night wondering how to get rid of it. Please help me.  IMG_2134
^^Halloween morning fun… aren’t they just the cutest together??

And then this… and that little puff <3 <3
Too many? I think not ;)


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Hehehe I loved your reenactment of a typical blogging session… :} So funny! That BABY!! She is so darned cute! And goodness she looks like you… That cloud costume just made me smile alllll night long :) you da bess parents!


  2. CinnyPinny says

    Oh my gosh, that was so funny! You know, Hilary, you’re very ,very good at this! Please don’t stop writing. Just do it whenever you can; it’s so much fun to read!
    One tricker-treater! Freeze it or chop up the leftover chocolate and put it into cookie dough.
    I can’t believe you made her a cloud – A CLOUD! Too cute!
    Love you guys,


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