My little buddy is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

Image-1 (2)Hi, remember us? I’ve been majorly failing at keeping track of our going ons… in my mind I’ve been painting, painting, and painting some more but my phone suggests otherwise… obviously there was that one time where Abbie was a baseball rockstar and stormed the field (pictured above)… there was a dreamy breakfast date with my husband that I’m still in a hubby haze over… there were lots of meltdowns and giggles and hand holding and snuggles and MY this month has seemed abnormally long but boy has it been fun :)

She crawls. I’m so proud. We tried pushing her down to slow such development but she kept keeping on. Just kidding, but seriously, she’s one determined little cookie and has got this mobility thing down.

She’s found her tongue in a real way. I can’t take her anywhere anymore. Let’s just remember this little outing where the people behind me wouldn’t stop laughing and I tried oh so tactfully to push that little sucker back into it’s home. …ya… fun stuff. This. At everyone. IMG_8082

She also loves to play with the teeth she still does not have. I guess the last seven months of swollen gums, ear pulling and looks of pain were just…. oh who knows. TEETH! BLAST YOU AND YOUR STUBBORN POWERS!

She loves to eat paper.

Her favorite toys are tools. Like real tools. She obviously has Roth woman in her.

She loves when you make her animals talk to her. Her whole face lights up and she gives you the biggest smiles.

Still flaps those little arms when she’s excited. There is a lot of flapping going on in her room cause she loves it so. Yes, that makes me unbelievably happy/proud. Hence why I am mentioning it yet again. ShelikessomethingIdid! ShelikessomethingIdid!

This is really the first month where we’ve been able to play with her and she shows an appropriate reaction. And it. is. awesome! I really can’t get enough.

She LOVES to watch herself in videos. She laughs at all the parts of her laughing and has singlehandedly made narcissism adorable.

Bedtime. HA! I’d like to blame teething but it’s making a fool out of me.

She’s a little climber. Preferably over your legs or Bentley. He’s a trooper. BEST DOG.

She loves dancing with her dad. Umm ya. Heart, obviously, melt.

Despite all the falls, bumps, bruises and the countless times her head has come into contact with hard objects, this month has been such fun. She’s seriously become my favorite little buddy and can blast away the saddest of sad moments with just a flicker of that smile. It has special powers. I’m in awe. Little eight month Abbie, you are so loved.

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Oh my goodness! 8 months already!! I was looking back at her earlier pictures (from about 1 month old ) and I can’t believe all the change that takes place in this short amount of time. I’m so glad you have this blog; it will be such a treasure in the years to come.
    Love, CinnyPinny


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