It was Easter!

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Image-1And I’m late as usual these days ;) Also, this girl. Her smile. I’m pretty sure it could bring peace to the Middle East. It has magical heart melting powers like that. Anyways, it was this Little’s first Easter! And I’m sitting in bed with a cold and a nose that won’t quit for even a second, so let’s try to get through this with one hand and a very foggy memory. Palm Sunday! Now that’s a fun holiday. Well, at least when you’re a kid because there is usually a pretty good chance you’ll get to go into big church and bring a palm branch with you which was, obviously, awesome. That didn’t happen this year. Anyways, the Friday before, I got a new phone and we all said hallelujah. It is big and slippery and makes my little hands terrified to drop it BUT I can put all my music on it again (!!!) and take as many pictures of my favorite child as I want (!!!) and that makes me unbelievably giddy. Naturally, I’ve hardly taken any but I suspect that will change once I remember I have this new and amazing capability. Saturday, I got a day date with my husband and it was filled with all good things – a stroll downtown, coffee!, ice cream! and no pictures. (It might take a while..) But Sunday! was Palm Sunday and it was the happiest day filled with a dining experience in my favorite little town, a nap by the beach with my little girl, and two strapping men that carried all of my belongings. Best day. capitolaIMG_0199Image-1 (1)IMG_0595 And then! on Thursday, my parents invited us to join their bible study for Passover which was so special since we’ve been studying Exodus this year. But this time it was so cool because it was explained from Jesus’ perspective and how he might have led it with his disciples the night he was arrested. It was so powerful to contrast that with what we’ve learned in Exodus and see His plan from the very beginning, being fulfilled through Jesus. It really made Easter all the more meaningful for me. passoverIMG_0414 I’ve just loved this Easter season. It’s just felt really special this year – I dunno if it’s because I have my own little girl that I get to pass this incredible story onto or what, but I’ve just been feeling extra thankful. By the way, when did Easter baskets become little mini Christmas mornings with loads of gifts and stuff? Are the days of hard boiled eggs and chocolate behind us?! I was seeing everyones prep pictures for their kids and man! They get real gifts now! Don’t tell Abbie. If I could go through my whole life thinking everyone was hunting for hard boiled eggs like we were (not plastic ones stuffed with money *gasp* and treats!) then so can she ;) Oh the simple life we once knew. This year, my child got nothing and she still was happy. BAM. Best parenting right there. But really, next year… oh man… the fun begins and it. will. be. a hard boiled form of magical. Speaking of magical, have you seen the new Cinderella? I’m so glad it was dark in that theater because my face was probably lit up the whole time with all sorts of wonder. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!! AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE SPARKLES! …I enjoyed it ;) Anyways, I hope you all had a good Easter! Ours was nice and low key and came with the complete stranger my mom invited just moments before. He was nice. I found out in the morning we had to have all our dishes done before church. This led to powdered sugar instead of flour in the scalloped potatoes. Now we all know, don’t ask me to cook in the morning. There’s a reason I’m not fond of making breakfast. There were laughs, there were tears. It was a day full of emotions – this is what happens when dad leaves. Too many hormones!! I didn’t get to take our family picture at church that I’ve been looking forward to since, forever. I may still be pouting. But! We played games and that made everything better. Happy Easter one and all! He is risen! <–And that’s something that can cheer up any day :) Image-1 (2) ^^I swear she didn’t wear her ears alllll day…^^

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  1. CinnyPinny says

    You are adorable! It sounds like a ” wonderful ” Easter – mishaps and all! . (Ask me about some advice a wise woman once gave me regarding holidays)
    ( It was our fault you guys were tired, once again, stayed too late)
    PS: Little looks so cute in her ears!


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