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Abigail Elizabeth / the daily life

IMG_6203 (1)
Haha, just kidding. Our morning looked more along the lines of this:

abbie baby-14
Bless his soul, this man goes along with all my weird and crazy schemes. I’ve really been wanting to get some pictures of these two together while she’s still little but man they grow fast! She’s already grown out of most of her newborn clothing and is charging full speed ahead into the three month size! STOP IT. Anyways, today in a blatant rip off attempt of pinterest photo ideas, this man of mine raised this naked little girl of ours high above his head only to be showered on by the inevitable trickle of pee. We are talking full on pee in face, clothes, everything. Thank goodness for glasses, eh? I obviously just stood there in a giggling daze. Needless to say, we were done with that idea, proceeded on to the next, was welcomed with loads of spit up and a non cooperating camera, and resigned to try again on another day, preferably when we were well fed and in moods of jubilation.

It’s funny how deceiving photos can be. These were taken right after the scene mentioned above followed by two more episodes of spit up – one that sufficiently soaked my shoulder for the nth time that morning, and one that ran down my cleavage in a vicious attempt to attack every single piece of clothing I happened to be wearing. It succeeded. There was another shower and no church this morning ;) I’ve taken to just using her receiving blankets as burp cloths cause those little rags do absolutely nothing when faced with the skills of this child. IMG_6200

abbie baby-13

^^ Doesn’t she look innocent ;) ^^

See, you can see it! All over that precious little mouth of hers. But don’t we look happy?? ;) I mean really, how can you resist the look of a completely helpless baby, covered in slime, looking at you with those now what? eyes. This is actually my if-I-don’t-look-at-it-maybe-it-will-just-go-away face. I’ve also applied this mind-blocking attitude to my bed sheets these days. It’s appalling what I am willing to sleep in because changing them every day is HA not an option.. as is discontinuing in-bed cuddles. Those are my favorite even though I often wake up to puddles of mystery. Anyways, enough about her, last week was my husbands birthday!!! His momma got to finally come visit her new granddaughter and celebrate with us!IMG_5805

IMG_5806^^ she loves her Grandma Lory :) ^^

We finally got to go back up to the city together for the first time since we’ve been back and, you know, since we were celebrating, we got to help ourselves to some out of this world delicious food and drinks. Greg was happy so I consider it a success.IMG_5692

IMG_6205 copyAbbie got kicked out of her first bar (Apparently people don’t bring babies to bars. We are learning.) which was a bummer since this was the main reason we went up there in the first place – to get the drinks made with the love, cause, you know, this is what floats my husbands boat, but luckily the grandmothers were sweet enough to take her for a sidewalk stroll so the birthday boy could enjoy such fine beverages. And they were fine.

Anyways, I’m so very thankful that boy was birthed many years ago because I love him so. I seriously hit the mother lode marrying him. No seriously, he’s the best. And it’s the cutest thing to watch him with his daughter. I am the luckiest.

She started giving us big smiles today by the way. And well, if those don’t just make all the spit up and pee-in-face memories vanish. And ps I finally got just one of her happy noises on video :) She’s the cutest.https://instagram.com/p/zDCg1slBY_/?modal=true

Happy Sunday!

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