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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

IMG_5433This child slept seven hours last night. Seven. That made this momma very happy. We are twirling around and painting our toenails over here. That’s right. Toenails I can once again reach. It is a happy day. Tomorrow that child is one month old. How? I don’t know. Here is some of what I have discovered about my sweet baby girl this month:

This child can spit up. And does. Often. This morning I woke up to my love placing her very sweetly and carefully on my pillow. I opened my eyes, saw her precious face, and leapt the appropriate distance to dodge the tsunami of projectile breakfast coming my way. My pillow was not so lucky. This is a typical morning. This scene on repeat. One would think I would be prepared and armed at all times by now. I am not.

This child is a cuddler. This is a dream come true for me. I’ve forced my cuddling on my husband and animals long enough. Now I have met my cuddling match and my heart is full.

This child loves to nurse. Which may be why she likes to cuddle but we shall pretend this is not the case and really she just shares the joys of cuddling like her momma and she likes to nurse on top of that previous and very separate fact ;) More than once I have woken up to her scooting over to me and sucking on my back.. or my nose… or really whatever is nearest. It never ceases to make me smile.

This child may not know who her mother is – she gets passed around so much I do worry about this ;) I clearly have a strong desire to feel loved and needed. But! even when she’s being passed from person to person, if she’s hungry enough, if she hears my voice, she’ll quiet down and open her mouth for the goods. I have the goods, suckas.

This child has given me no shame to go into public with leaky shirt syndrome. Actually, there was a little shame. It happened though. I’m a mom now.

This child has the strongest baby neck I ever did see. She’s basically been holding her head up since day 2. But then sometimes it flops.

This child may not have thumbs. She always keeps them tucked away for safe keeping. They must be her most special treasure.

This child has the best noises and has caused me to make it my lifetime goal to try to capture them. I have not been successful. Her sighs are the sweetest sounds that will ever reach your ears. Just believe me. It’s true.

This child makes me cry when she cries. You should have seen me in the pediatricians office that first time. She was wailing and I was just in a corner pretending I had a weird eye condition that required frequent wipeings and spastic blinking. I don’t think the doctor was so easily fooled.

This child has made this “not a baby person” a baby person. :)


Gosh I can’t believe it’s already been a month! It has been the most wonderful of months.

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  1. Ashley says

    Ahhh! How you describe her reminds me of my baby when he was that little. He’s ‘only’ 3 months. I love how you talk about her thumbs. Too cute!

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