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Abigail Elizabeth / the daily life

IMG_5345 IMG_5275^^this may be my favorite picture of all time. Greg hates it but come on – baby bubble butt + the way that man looks at that girl + that little pinky and smiley eye combo? I could look at it all day and just keep filling up my heart with happiness^^

I have been seriously slacking on documenting our life happenings lately. To be honest, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and I hardly can keep track of what day it is anymore. Is this life now? There has been a steady stream of guests coming to visit Little which is awesome to show her off but man, that gets exhausting after a while. There was one day where no one came over and I got to sit in a comfy chair and read a book and have my sleeping baby on my lap and I can’t tell you what a little slice of heaven that was.

It’s been really fun to see our parenting styles coming out a bit. Greg is very by the book and I am much more follow your gut so I think we have a nice balance going on ;) The sweetest most loving words he can say to me these days are, “ok, if you feel that is best.” Ah! It makes me feel so loved and capable. It’s hard for me to figure things out when I feel like everyone is watching and offering well meaning suggestions, so to have him be so tremendously supportive is the biggest hug I could ask for.

Abbie has already been to church three times and Bible study twice. We WILL drill the word of the Lord into her! Just kidding but seriously she’s been so easy, it’s been nice to get out and carry on with a few of our normal activities. The first time I took her to my Bible study I was so excited to show off what an angel baby she is – I told you she sleeps all day and coos a little when she needs a diaper change or is hungry… Well to say the least, she did not sleep. She grunted (loudly) through the entire lecture, let out a few angry protests that I had never heard before, and made the saddest faces of discomfort. Naturally, I tried to nurse her which she was overly excited about thus leading to the LOUDEST sucking noises anyone has ever heard coming from underneath a shirt, followed by loud gagging and finished with a nice high wheezing. She’s got her momma’s grace, that’s for sure. Needless to say, the sweet silent days seem to have passed and she has now found her voice :)

I sure do love being a mom though. It’s so crazy and rewarding to think this one’s all mine. We are truly so blessed.


  1. Oh Hilly! That was the sweetest blog, and it made me laugh right out loud in an involuntary burst! What a darling picture of Abbie, AND Abbie and Greg. Now you know what its like to be a celebrity, hounded by the paparazzi, so now you know how to pray for movie stars who have no time to themselves. heheh. You are such a relaxed, wonderful mother- why, I would have thought you sat in a chair all day and read novels! Keep enjoying these moments!


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