38 Weeks

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text - 38 weeks
How far along? 38 weeks

Weight Gained: 29.5 whopping pounds… oh Christmas.

Symptoms: I told my midwife my hands and feet were swollen and she just laughed at me. Really guys, they are so itchy all the time and feel like massive sausages even if you can’t really tell from looking at them. Come to think of it, all of me feels itchy and expanding. It must just be that time.

Movement: She’s an ever moving little creature. I really can’t picture how she is in there because of THAT FOOT. I don’t understand how it’s always sticking out – for months and months! Greg thinks it’s her knee but doing the mental body math, that would make her one giant baby with the looooongest legs.

Food cravings: Kinda rejoicing Christmas is over so I’m not constantly surrounded by this plethora of sweets. Oh pie for breakfast? Why not. And cookies on the side? Of course. Not to mention most non alcoholic drinks are pumped full of copious amounts of sugar. I think all vegetables have gone into hiding for the winter. Return to me, nutrition! Return!!

Food aversions: Still chugging right along with the mindset of get-everything-in-me-now.

Sleep: Not great but you know, for being in my last month of pregnancy, I really can’t complain. It’s not so bad.

Stretch marks? Nope – almost in the clear!

Belly button in or out? Flat but in? I’m not sure how to describe it exactly.

Miss anything? A cocktail. Our midwife told us small amounts of wine or beer are okay while breastfeeding but to avoid all :'( hard :'( liquor……. which means I don’t get a cocktail for many many more years. A little part of me is still crying inside. Let’s just be honest, that probably won’t happen ;) aaand you can start printing the worst mom awards now.

Mood? HA.

Maternity Clothes? My maternity clothes are starting to look small.

New baby items: Oh dear :) her Grammy and Papi got her some pretty cute outfits and an adorable Beatrix Potter china set…. and her Aunt Whad got her the most adorable little French sippy cup. That little girl is already so mightily loved. And spoiled.

Exercise: There have been walks.

Best moment of the week: Did you know? It was CHRISTMAS this week!!!! There was also a baking day with my cousins and aunts and a candlelight service at church and dates with my husband and lots of wonderful things! One day I will record such things again as originally intended. I’ve been slacking. :[

Looking forward to: Not having to take my picture or record my weight each week is pretty high on the list right now. I think every Thursday for the last couple months Greg has woken up to UGH it’s THURSDAY. You know, sometimes you get these ideas that seem so cute and fun and regret it immediately by week two ;) And well, on that negative note, thanks so much for following along with our little life! It actually has been fun to look back on – especially since I actually thought I had something you could see by week 9 and was confused why strangers weren’t congratulating me by week 13 ;)

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