28 Weeks

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text - 28 weeks
Okay baby site people. This girl was the size of an eggplant two weeks ago. Are we running out of food items here? Also, I told everyone I could that I was in my third trimester last week but then I read lots of people only count it at 28 weeks so now IT’S OFFICIAL. We are on the homestretch!!!! Also, I’ve been saying “on homestretch” for as long as I can remember and Greg just corrected me this week that it is “on the homestretch.” Sigh. I’m clearly not a sports person. Also, and this is exciting… ALSO!!!! she has AT LEAST a 90% chance of surviving outside of the womb now. Put on your party hats cause that news makes this momma giddy.

How far along? 28 weeks

Weight Gained: Oh :/ 21 lbs…. I have 5.5 lbs to go before I make the French women turn away in shame and disgust ;) Luckily we live in America where the motto is “go ahead and pile it on!” I’m hoping for a happy medium between these countries.

Symptoms: Got some more of the leggy cramps. Also, I like to alternate between happy and crying. Also, I think I take more naps than a newborn. My parents must be so proud.

Movement: Oh this girl. Sometimes I want to somehow scoop up my belly and just hold her. It’s the most surreal thing when she plays back with me when I poke her or talk to her. It kinda freaks me out and makes me incredibly excited at the same time. It’s a person, people! A real person in there! I kinda can’t wrap my head around that. But boy do I love her.

Food cravings: Seriously. Nothing changes. I like sugar these days. I also can’t get enough milk.

Food aversions: Nope

Sleep: Alright. I make up for bad nights with naps. Oh and I make up for good nights with naps too.

Stretch marks? Not that I know of although I did have a dream I got a horrible rash all over my belly. I was shocked it wasn’t there when I woke up so we’ll count that as my skin symptom for the week ; )

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not really

Mood? Oh all over the freakin place

Maternity Clothes? I finally get to wear my long sleeved shirts! Hallelujah. That added like a whole two more items to my wardrobe.  

New baby items: I got a stand for the lovely basket my parents got us. I’ll show you them both, one day.

Exercise: Ugh. I tried to workout today but mostly just sat on the floor so bored and discouraged. I may have even cried. I’m cool like that these days.

Best moment of the week: I met a kitty named Pepper at the pet store the other day. I’m still thinking about her :):):) and then I remember we live in a one room studio with a dog considered large even though he’s small and a baby on the way. But in other happy news, my sweet sister sat for me so I could paint someone from life. Do you know how hard it is to find people that will sit still for hours? My little heart was oh so happy. Thank you thank you thank you Taywhad!

Looking forward to: That husband of mine mentioned something about a pumpkin patch this weekend :D

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