23 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

text - 23 weeks

Greg and I have been having a morning debate on whether or not we’ve ever seen this supposed 10.5 or 11.5” grapefruit…. does she seem to be getting smaller in the fruit world?? I’ve also been trying to introduce her to a plethora of my favorite musicians with her new and developing hearing abilities. I do hope she grows up to love music as much as her parents do although hopefully she won’t turn out to be as snobby as her momma. Last night at our birthing class, someone made the innocent comment of: “A boy named sue? That’s a Kenny Rogers song.” No it’s not, you idiot. It’s Johnny Cash. Learn your people already, GOSH. This is what I’m talking about. Kenny Rogers could have done that song… I don’t know. I just like to be irrationally annoyed at such things ;) Snob.

How far along? 23 weeks

Weight Gained: 16 lbs

Symptoms: Nothing new

Movement: Yes, she is still moving

Food cravings: Greg came with me to the store this weekend. This is always a bad idea. We turn into two 12 year olds with seemingly endless budgets. We went to get a Brita water thingy cause our water tastes like dust and is getting dustier by the day (like you could actually taste the dust in your coffee it was so bad) and some parmesan cheese but left with no parmesan cheese, about six different cookie varieties, boxed mac and cheese, three different chips, soda, popsicles and any other thing we saw that might contribute to the optimum health we were striving for. Ever since we blew our budget on those wise items, I’ve been craving nothing but vegetables and wholesome food for my poor, aging body.

Food aversions: Not really

Sleep: I think I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. But she likes to kick at night so we have our getting acquainted times during those 5 hours I can’t seem to sleep. That husband of mine is really good and sometimes gets up to have midnight chats. Those are my favorite although I’m sure we would both rather be sleeping soundly.

Stretch marks? I swore I saw some! But now they are no more. So, no.

Belly button in or out? In and biiiiig

Miss anything? Not that I can think of

Mood? Pretty good although I’ve been having a lot of depression waves the last couple of weeks. I’m not depressed about anything in particular, I just can feel the heavy, depressed feeling coming and it stays for a while and then passes. It’s hard to explain. I heard the placenta is contributing loads more hormones so maybe I’m just feeling the extra dose ; ) Who knows.

Maternity Clothes? Same ol same ol.

New baby items: I saw some adorable little clothes at the store where our birthing classes are held and am so tempted to go back and buy some but then there is the whole tight on money bit that seems to always be there so those shall wait. Babies are naked most of the time anyways, right? ;)

Exercise: Probably because of our healthy little shopping trip or maybe because of the fact that jars are getting hard to open as I get weaker and weaker (I swear that child is stealing my muscles! It’s okay, diddle baby, you can have them), but I’ve felt extra motivated to actually keep it up. heheheh (this clearly changes on a weekly, nay daily, nay hourly basis). Consequently my body currently feels bruised all over as a result of this enthusiasm but it kinda feels good ;)

Best moment of the week: There are so many things to worry about and get sorted but it’s been such a joy to see the Lord come through for each thing at a time. Figuring out insurance has been a bit of a nightmare but I’m feeling better and better about it lately. Little things like, if we can’t sell our fridge, who’s going to help us move it?, have been weighing me down. But yesterday, some people came to look at the house, our landlord loved them and they offered to buy several things from us we were hoping to sell! so that gave me some peace. I don’t like uncertainties and like I’ve said before, pretty much everything is still quite uncertain, with more and more things getting added on, but I know He is faithful and whatever the outcome, He’ll help us get through it. I’m thankful that we are not alone : )

Looking forward to: Going to Napa this weekend wiss my family to celebrate 60 years of the best dad in the world’s life!!

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