22 Weeks

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text - 22 weeks

Guess what! TWO strangers congratulated me this week. I’m an official pregnant lady now!

How far along? 22 weeks

Weight Gained: 14.5 lbs

Symptoms: Tin soldier syndrome. At least that’s what I feel it should be called. I get up and get stuck in the bending over position. Or turn too quickly and have to wait for the rest of my body to unhinge and catch up. I think it’s probably related to the sciatic nerve but who knows. It makes me laugh (and wince) every time.

Movement: She’s an active one. I can’t wait for my family to feel next weekend!!!

Food cravings: Sugar sugar sugar

Food aversions: Not a thing

Sleep: Pretty good

Stretch marks? No but belly has been very itchy lately

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Wine. I really miss wine. I got everyone the most lovely rosé this weekend for our party and it just looked so pretty and pink in everyones glasses. And thennn we went over to another friends house and brought a surprisingly good cab… Greg poured me a tiny little glass which I’m pretty sure horrified our hosts :-X but but but it was so very good.

Mood? Pretty good I think. I can’t remember much these days.

Maternity Clothes? Originally I got a couple shirts that I could wear in the fall/winter since, I figured, that’s when I’ll be most huge.. but by jove it’s been hot here so I set out again to find some cooler clothes that would fit my new and confused body. I just ended up with more shirts to wear in the fall/winter. Failed, did I. But then! I was leaving the mall and looked to my right and lo and behold! there was a maternity shop. In all its dark, dingy glory. But :):):) I got some pants AND shorts AND yes they are super unsexy and feel a bit like a fat suit costume but man they are comfortable. I wore the pants to our friends house the other day and looked down and saw they had diamonds on them. Ugh. I hate bedazzled jeans. I guess I was swept away by the amazing comfort, I didn’t inspect them carefully. Oh well… I’m a whole new woman now ;)

New baby items: Oh : ) Our friends got us her first pink footed jammies : ) with bicycles….. yeee : ) And a squeaky toy that Greg declared would probably be his favorite toy for her. Ya, I just had to squeak that a couple times for him to change his mind in a second.

Exercise: Whoops! Not one bit :/ Does moving heavy boxes count?

Best moment of the week: Oooo hmm… we got to see four different sets of friends this weekend which was fun! The perks of telling people you are moving.. Getting some new clothes… even though Bentley promptly put two little chew marks in my less than a day old shoes. Selling some furniture so we don’t have to figure out how to store it : ) And mostly just spending lots of time with that wonderful husband of mine. I love he.

Looking forward to: Next weekend next weekend next weekend!!!!


  1. CinnyPinny says

    Love, Love, LOVE your pic. this week – TOO cute! Really, you look so adorable! (You could be a “poster child” for pregnancy) Can I also say that I LOVE that you bought bedazzled jeans and didn’t realize it? HOW FUNNY IS THAT? I love you, silly girl!
    Just found out that we CAN”T go to your dads’ dinner – JUST – Ray tried SO hard to get time off but he works both Sunday (till 2:00 PM) and Monday morning (at 6:00AM) and just feels like we can’t squeeze it in. I’m SO very disappointed and sad. We wanted to see you guys and celebrate the birthday with you all. Darn!
    Guess we’ll have to wait till October – Hurry up, Autumn!


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