21 Weeks

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text - 21 weeks

How far along? 21 weeks

Weight Gained: 14 lbs… aaaand so much for the suggested one pound a week

Symptoms: Sleepy

Movement: Part of our birth class homework each day is to set aside time to practice deep relaxing. Oh. my. gosh. I look forward to this more than I can say. So does Little. She gets very excited about it and forgets the part about relaxing (which may just be another reason I look forward to it each day) She’s really good, that little one of mine!

Food cravings: Chocolate. I had to beg Greg to let me get the big bag of m&ms and promise I wouldn’t eat them all at once. Reasoning with this lady is certainly preparing him for children. The phrase, “Hillary, we are in public” is becoming more frequent.

Food aversions: No, I love the foods

Sleep: Good

Stretch marks? Not yet, although several times this week I wondered (after having consumed the large meal and there was no turning back) howwww this belly was going to stretch anymore. It’s starting to hurt when it’s full!

Belly button in or out? In still

Miss anything? We went out with my cousin this week to a place that had a really pretty bar. Ordering water made me cry a little inside. But look! Baby and I got to wear a bib for dinner and I got the waiter to look at my plate and say, Wow! You really know how to eat a lobster! Ravenous, I tell you. Ravenous. lobsta
^^ Greg is pointing at how big Josh’s claw is, in case you were wondering. It was as big as his hand. For real. ^^

Mood? Mooooooody.

Maternity Clothes? Greg said my online shopping habit is becoming pathetic. It’s just so convenient! But thissss weekend he took me to the store that will help support my new prego puppies. Now, I knew these things would get bigger with pregnancy. I NEVER expected the lady to say that I was measuring 3 cup sizes bigger than where I was at. I may have let out an involuntary gasp/giggle/unrecognizable noise. I’m still rather shocked. We now play the game, “If I’m this big, how big do you think those are??” Yes, analyzing other women’s boobies is our new point of interest/conversation topic.

New baby items: No, sorry baby, we are saving to get you out of me.

Exercise: Sorta?

Best moment of the week: Oh! Well let’s see.. I had a lovely coffee/trying to pick a name date with this handsome fellow. We left fairly confident but are currently back to being stumped. Suggestions welcome. photo 1 (36)We finally made it over to the beautiful Huntington Gardens and Galleries to see greeeeeen!!! (my favorite) everywhere as well as some beautiful art.photo 2 (33)photo 3 (22)photo 4 (22) artsBut mostly, I’ve been packing a little every day which makes me unbelievably happy! Bentley doesn’t like it so much. He’s a big wuss when it comes to unfamiliar things :D photo (50)

Looking forward to: We have our last dinner party in this house tomorrow and thennnn I can go to town putting it back to the horror it was before :D It kinda makes me giddy..



  1. Jennifer Welty says

    Hillary, you never cease to make me laugh, miss hilarious! I can’t believe a baby can fit in that tiny little body of yours! I remember, I too had a shopping habit- it was so much fun to push “click” and magically, something would appear at my door a few days later! I figured out if I “clicked” every other day, it could be almost like Christmas allll month! Of course, I sent most things back because they never seemed quite as nice in person… Once, I overheard the UPS man saying to Dad (on the baby monitor), “what did she order THIS time?” I even had to tell the uPS man, “if you see my husband’s truck in the driveway, keep driving!” Thankfully, this phase of life has been put to rest…. Thanks for your wonderful post!


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