20 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

text - 20 weeksOh my goodness.. We’ve hit (roughly) the halfway point! Welp, that went fast!

How far along? 20 weeks

Weight Gained: 12.5 lbs

Symptoms: Along with all the previous symptoms, we have added a numb, tingling foot to the mix and a little girl who likes to sit low and jump off that there bladder of mine, making the toilet my new, most frequently visited friend. She can move up now. An overall feeling of huge has set in, which completely terrifies me considering we are only halfway there… but on that note, WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!!!

Movement: I’ve found myself increasingly grumpy and complain-y this week but I must say, sitting down and taking the time to relax and wait to feel her to move, never gets old. It’s definitely the highlight of most of my days : )

Food cravings: Cucumbers and ranch, among other things

Food aversions: Not that I can think of… I have more of an issue with wanting to keep them pounds in check but still being out of control hungry all the time. Greg and I went out to lunch on Sunday and all I could think was, how can I get this in me fast enough so that I can eat Greg’s too. Seriously, it’s scary.

Sleep: Pretty good

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In but it’s getting biggerrrrr…. parts that I’ve never seen before are making their appearance..

Miss anything? Being able to bounce back quickly.. I feel like whenever I work out, it takes everything out of me. I did some jumping jacks (umm three days ago) and my calves still hurt going down stairs, and frankly just walking around. Things like that add to the overall uncomfortable feeling of becoming a whale.

Mood? Oh my. I’m a mess. Greg was getting ready to go into work again last Sunday and as he was packing up his stuff, I just burst into tears (like the embarrassing, can’t stop kind). He felt so bad for me he had to call in so he could work from home. Can’t complain about that bit, but come on.. This is getting outta control! Also, I was home alone the other night, watching Modern Family and doggon Phil gets me every time. I started laughing so hard, obviously bursting into tears of joy, and then…. just tears. I remember scrunching up my face and thinking, what is happening to me…… as I continued to alternate between tears of joy, and boohooing.

Maternity Clothes? So, I feel like I wear the same thing all the time, probably because I do. My belly bands are soooo constrictive and really don’t work that well so there goes all my pants. My one maternity summer shirt that I got shrunk to half its size and now only covers half my belly. There is still a bra situation and man it’s hot here. All. The. Time. Sorry this is becoming a major complaining post… feel free to send Greg sympathy cards. He has to live with me.

New baby items: No, but the temptation is always there : )

Exercise: Heck yes, and man it’s gotten harder. I did feel slightly more motivated this week than last week so that’s progress :D

Best moment of the week: On Monday, Greg woke up and said, “I think I need to tell work about our plans today.” I screamed a little scream of fear inside and then said ok. Well, that day, out of the blue, his boss asked to talk to him outside and went into what’s going to happen when the baby comes – paternity leave, how he’s doing a great job, here are some more perks, yadda yadda – which gave Greg the perfect opportunity to decline and tell him that we will be moving October 1st. SO HOLY COW WE ARE MOVING!!!! Which is completely terrifying considering nothing is set in stone yet and it’s still a total faith thing, but we both have such peace about it and are excited out of our minds that we get to be around our favorite people on a daily basis again! Seriously, I could go on and on and on about how excited I am. And on and on. And on. And then get a little scared, and then go on and on.

Looking forward to: All the fun things coming up in the near future :D


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