17 Weeks + umm where did my belly go?

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

text - 17 weeksAaand we have ourselves a case of the disappearing belly..

How far along? 17 weeks

Weight Gained: Still 8 lbs.. Clearly those haven’t suddenly disappeared

Symptoms: Practically none

Movement: Most definitely! I kept trying to get Greg to feel it (because I could feel it on my hand when I would rest it there) but no such luck :]

Food cravings: Donuts, cake, brownies. Pretty much anything loaded with sugar. I couldn’t wait to go to church, sadly because I knew there would be donuts waiting for me when I got there. I then expressed to Greg how hard it was for me to just take one when the pile was calling my name.

Food aversions: Probably the pasta I’ve been having the last 6 days

Sleep: This morning I woke up and asked Greg, “was I staring at you in the dark last night?” He turned over rapidly and said, “YES! It was SO CREEPY!” Apparently I now sleep with my eyes open in a half conscious, half asleep sort of manner. He already likes to tell everyone in his office about how often I laugh in my sleep, so if that wasn’t creepy enough, I now have this new special quality. Can I blame pregnancy? At least it explains why I’ve been so tired lately… ; )

Stretch marks? Nope

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Greg’s margarita last night looked pretty good

Mood? I’m a fountain of joy and tears

Maternity Clothes? I finally got some belly bands to extend the life of my pants… Every night when Greg comes home I sqeeeeeeze into my jeans and as soon as we sit down for dinner, gone is the class and out comes the belly followed by the question, How did that all fit in there!? So now he doesn’t have to look at that anymore ; ) And the appetites returned.

New baby items: Nope

Exercise: Yes! I feel so good about myself ; )

Best moment of the week: Greg’s been working a sad amount lately because of this new client but yesterdayyyyy he took off and we got to have the most lovely breakfast date followed by pretend furniture shopping (if you don’t know my obsession with furniture shopping, I really can’t get enough so this was like dream date status) followed by (later) a dinner date! So much dating in one day. Happy was I.

Looking forward to: More days off!

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