18 Weeks

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text - 18 weeksOh there you are, Peter! Aaaand it’s back ;)

How far along? 18 weeks

Weight Gained: 9 lbs

Symptoms: So very tired… like very first pregnant tired. Oh and good ol pregnancy brain has kicked in. I may be feeding my dog 4x a day… I don’t know. Same with my prenatal vitamins. Did I take one today? I don’t know.

Movement: Oooo! I love it! We know Little has at least one limb. Hooray!

Food cravings: Still been craving sweets more than usual but also some savory things… We got gyros the other night and that pretty much hit the spot. I waited in hopeful anticipation for them all day! The satisfaction, the satisfaction. I probably could have eaten like five more but instead just mentioned the phrase, “I’m still hungry” to be received by lovingly raised eyebrows. Greg let me take out my hunger problems on this poor cup of goodness. He says if I get diabetes, we have proof as to why.

photo (48)

Food aversions: Do dirty dishes count? They kinda make me gag these days. Oh and the arugula that’s sitting in my fridge. I’ve been avoiding that like the plague.

Sleep: Not so good.. I wake up at 4 or 5 every morning and can’t fall back asleep till right before Greg leaves for work… and then I’m sleepy all day long :'(

Stretch marks? No but I have noticed the linea nigra making her appearance ever so faintly

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not really

Mood? Happy

Maternity Clothes? Yussss! There was a sale and I bought things. And they are comfy. And I love them. 

New baby items: There was also a sale.. I couldn’t resist. 65% off one of my favorite expensive baby shops?! Puhleeze. I got this little bin for toys and books and this soft lil safari blanket probably because the baby was so darn cute with its little wooden toy and diapered booty. Blasted baby.

baby stuff

Exercise: I don’t know why I keep this question on here… probably to motivate myself to actually do it ;) I’ve been trying to conquer my least favorite part to work out…….. legs. ugh. They bore me. But I’ve actually been enjoying my routine each day! So, hooray!

Best moment of the week: Can’t really beat a good ol date night these days. I miss that husband of mine.

Looking forward to: Ummmm finding out the gender quite possibly this weekend! Guesses? Guesses? Put in your votes! I have a strange hunch they are going to cancel at the last minute so we shall see but either way, it shouldn’t be too long now! Praying for a healthy baby : )


  1. Megan Hill says

    So, I think baby is a boy, but I picture you guys with a girl. I don’t know why. So Im torn on my vote. I’ll go with boy- official.


  2. Cinny Pinny says

    Um…. can I say, “It’s going to be a REALLY cute little baby” and that it – A cute baby? My vote – a cute baby. And little, a little, tiny, cute baby, as in 6lbs. little.
    Love you, Cindy


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