13 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

text - 13 weeksHappy last week of the first trimester to us : )

How far along? 13 weeks

Weight Gained: 5 lbs

Symptoms: Everything makes me cry… luckily I’m usually alone when this happens : )

Movement: None

Food cravings: I find myself wishing for cake quite often. If Nothing Bundt Cakes wasn’t over half an hour away with no traffic, I’d probably be there every day… with different wigs.

Food aversions: Lettuce

Sleep: Could use more

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? This thing has turned into a crater.

Miss anything? Juice : ( I think I might start juicing again despite the doctor saying not to : ) I’m defiant. I’ve really noticed my eyesight getting worse again and my headaches coming back. I think all the carrots helped the eyes and please someone tell me how pumping your body with nutrients is worse than popping a Tylenol every day for your headaches?

Mood? Happy. With the occasional tear.

Maternity Clothes? None… but I have noticed specifically this week that my belly is not able to be sucked in easily any more… I see a distinct awkward growth!! 

New baby items: I got my first parenting books and a couple prenatal workout dvds… those count as gifts for baby right? :D

Exercise: Note above ^^ workout dvds have been purchased! Okay, aaand I’ve been trying to keep up my normal routine too.

Best moment of the week: Beach day with my loves!

Looking forward to: Being a mom

In other news, that dog has discovered there is an abundance of food for him to eat, whenever he wants, just outside. In other words, he has found my tomato plants. I have had one, yes one, small tomato because he always gets to them before me! Does anyone know how to stop this without having to buy a fence? I haven’t let him go outside the last couple days cause I’m still mad he ripped my only zucchini plant out and shook it to its death. Poor little zucchini :[

In happier news, it’s almost the Fourth of July!!!!!! I love patriotic holidays : ) : )


  1. Jennifer Welty says

    Every time I see my beautiful girl, and hear what majesty is forming inside her, tears burst into my eyes! I have to go compose myself now.

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  2. Cinny Pinny says

    I’m loving that baby is growing incrementally by fruits and vegetables! A peach already! Growing fast now.
    can’t believe that dog eats your tomatoes! He is a silly head and I love him for it! Truly ate all the raspberries right off the bushes, prickles and all. It was SO funny to watch that I just let him do it. I lost so many pints of berries to that dog!


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