Our First Lonely Holiday

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Wasn’t so bad : ) We had a lovely time barbecuing in our yard of weeds and hay, eating as many red white and blue dishes as we could think of, and taking lots of naps to try to forget we were not in fact plunging into the waters of a glorious lake : ) 

^^ there was more to eat, OK?

^^ there was more to eat than chips and cake, OK?

^^ THIS is tradition

^^ THIS is tradition

Did you know, the fourth is an excellent day to go out to eat? Greg said everywhere would be packed but I was confident most other people were huddled around a BBQ and sure enough! We walked right into our normally packed out favorite restaurant : ) And then, on the way home, there were lots of fireworks that no one could see but everyone could hear going off here and there aaaandd live music in the park! Hooray!photo 4 (8)This is our baby on this day. And that is Greg’s baby.photo 1 (15)When we got home, everyone and their mother was shooting off fireworks so we got a lovely little street side show. I wanted to be home with that dog since this was his first experience with war sounding holidays and sure enough the poor boy was shaking and shaking. Poor little dog. He got to sleep on our bed that night ; )

And thennn the next day :):):):):):) my love took me back to the water :):):):):) but first we ate at this Mexican place where Greg ordered an unbelievably good margarita that was “shaken at the table” *faaaancy* which really just meant all the goodness couldn’t fit in one large glass so they had to leave you the shaker – like an adult milkshake! Clearly it made him very happy. And that guacamole made me very happy. And Greg finished his meal and actually uttered words I had never heard come out of his mouth before – “wow, please give my compliments to the chef!” It made me giggle. photo 5 (6)photo 4 (9)

^^ WATER!!!!!

^^ WATER!!!!!

I spent all day in the water and it was so very lovely. Especially since it took us two, yes two, hours to find parking…. do you SEE how many people are in the water? And then that wonderful man took me over to Balboa Island (which I’d say is probably the best name for an island that I’ve ever heard of). It was pretty adorable. I forgot to mention that on the 4th, I took Bentley for a walk and counted only three flags on our street. Sad was I. But this place made up for it. Each house probably had like 15 flags on it ; )

^^ see

^^ see

We wandered around it’s precious little patriotic streets, pretended what it would be like to live in each adorable house, possibly stopped into one baby shop, and got sundaes and root beer floats : ) It was lovely.photo 4 (10)photo 5 (7)photo 1 (17)photo 3 (12)photo 5 (8)

^^ i mean... how does that not make you smile

^^ i mean… <3 <3

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I think every weekend should be a three day weekend : ) We sure missed you guys this year!


  1. Jennifer Welty says

    This is just the best. WOW what lovely food you made Hillary! I am embarrassingly overly proud of you! :) I have never been to Balboa park! Ina live there! It looked so east coast. I love their patriotism. This is why the “have nots” envy the “have it’s”- the people who work very hard for a living love the country which gives them the freedom to do that, while the lazy poor simply think those “lucky” people need to re-distribute their hard-earned wealth to them, and get all envious, bitter and complaining. That is why people assume Republicans are greedy, and Democrats are so “generous”. But apparently, there are more wealthy Democrat Senators than there are wealthy Republican senators.I think I am really a very conservative tea party member- a Libertarian. I just want to be FREE, and have my grandchildren be FREE! I am praying for revival, a return to the Lord’s values and His word, in my country. And I loved your baby bump- it really shows now!- and Greg’s of course. And THAT gingham bubble outfit with under the sea lobsters. Sigh. So very dea. You had a GREAT 4th compared to ours- I am so happy for you! I love you sweetness! xoxox mom


  2. Cinny Pinny says

    Hey you guys! We missed you, too! We actually spent a couple of hours at your parents’ pool along with the Payne’s, and Lauren! But you were missed and much talked about, of course. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend!


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