Oh Mr. Time, where do you go?

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This last weekend, we headed up north for my cousin Lauren’s 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY! Naturally, it was an 80s theme party. Not one to brag, but….. I kinda won the costume contest… Actually my other cousin, Ashley, and her husband, Ricky, won first place cause they showed off their inner Madonna and Hammertime side (ugh if ONLY I had worn my cone bra), but I got next runner up which won me some Airheads and other chemical treats. So proud. Of course, this came with feeling hideous for most of the night but alas, you can’t have everything. So that was that.. in other news, does anybody want a golden retriever? Mine is available. He’s really bad. If I hear one more person say, “Oh! Golden Retrievers are so loyal and TRAINABLE! What a wonderful companion!” I will kick them in the shins. My dog, is the WORST dog and is totally having me rethinking the whole “we should be parents one day” thing cause clearly, we suck at it. I’m very tempted to send him away to Colorado for a month to see if he comes back a good dog but somehow I think we would fork out the money and he would return as the same ol rebellious dog we have today. I read just this morning that if your Golden is skittish or hostile, then something is not right. Oh great. Bentley is scared of everything and well, not necessarily hostile except if you tell him no, then he’ll lunge and nip at you and look at you with those eyes that say, “don’t you be telling me what to do.” It. Is. Awesome. We raised this pup, folks. Anyways, I’ve concluded training him is pretty much a full time job and it doesn’t help that there is little advice on the inter web for what to do if you can’t devote every moment in the day to such a furry creature except the good ol how dare you bring this sweet, wonderful creature into your home and NOT put in the time to train him properly! How SELFISH! Sigh. These are the things we didn’t fully realize prior to our blissful purchase. Anyways, any tips or suggestions are much appreciated : ) I’m not really sure how to get anything done anymore with the “make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise – two, one hour walks a day should be fine” or “make sure you are spending at least 45 min a day working on training with him!” Not to mention the frequent play breaks you must take throughout the day so that you can bond and also the need to socialize with other tolerant animals you are magically supposed to know. Conclusion: a sad, frustrating future. But he’s REALLY good when he sleeps! Best dog.

oh ya, say the word and he's all yours..

oh ya, say the word and he’s all yours..

Welp, I finally got my office set up! I’m excited about that… only took 6 months.

IMG_9731 It’s still pretty ugly but I love having all that room on my desk and being just a bit more organized. I put up one of those shelves all by myself. I was so proud and so excited to show Greg but made the mistake of mentioning how odd it was that when I drilled, yellow stuff came out, and ended up getting scolded for going into the insulation rather than receiving the heaping amounts of praise I was expecting. So, we’ll probably hear a big crash one night, but for now, my stuff is up off the floor and my little heart is happy. The other thing that makes me excited these days is our new juicer! I took back one of my outfits from our last after taxes shopping excursion, and was able to put it towards my health instead. How very mature of me! I love juice and I love making my juice. I just don’t like cleaning it up ; ) But! At least I feel a bit more healthy these days since I see allllllll of those nutrients going into my formerly unhealthy body (big fan of gluten) so that’s one less burden on these little shoulders. I hate making breakfast and lunch so I normally skip them which obviously makes me grumpy with a headache and other complications ; ) so drinking such meals makes my brain oh so happy! Andddd that’s pretty much all that’s been going on with us lately! Tonight I think we’ll be heading out to an art walk with some friends from our bible study so that should be fun… This time change has made mornings particularly sleepy so that whole social agenda might just go out the window. We shall see. Cheerio!

PS I just talked to Greg and he said I can’t get rid of that dog. Sorry if you happened to be interested based on my lovely description of him. : )

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  1. Jennifer Welty says

    Hillary. You are absolutely the most funniest person EVER. ( yes, I did say that, and left my preciciple dangling) I always read your posts with a huge grin on my foolish face. You can add “author” and “humorist” to your already long list of accomplishments. Turns out I didn’t need to manufacture that guitar award after all! I love your lovely studio! Is that where dad and I will sleep? Will the shelf fall onto our heads? Is it OK if we bring Lori? He’s a bad dog too- his paws are awfully muddy, which means he’s been somewhere he shouldn’t…Well, I had better get to work- the tax collector is at the door… xoxoxox momwad


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