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RAIN!!!! Finally! I kept seeing all these posts on Facebook about how cozy Northern California was the last couple of weeks so naturally when I saw the little rain symbol on my weather app, I did an over the top happy dance. That was supposed to happen yesterday. Instead, yesterday had the tiniest sprinkling I’ve ever seen in the morning and rounded out the rest of the day with a heaping does of sunshine. Lying weather app. But! good news! Back up – the night I finished my painting, Greg was out with the guys so we couldn’t carry on the family tradition of CHAMPAGNE! CHAMPAGNE! So the next morning, he snuck out of bed and went and got some OJ and that delightful bubbly just for me! Sweetest of mens. Now, I was determined the rain. was. coming. which meant that dog was going to be cooped up with me inside for days and days. Meaning of course, he was in desperate need of some hardcore exercise (as if one good session lasts for more than an hour afterwards). Now, I am not a runner. I wish I was but I most definitely am not. I do love to walk or hike but sadly this dog, well, to get him tuckered out, you have to go for a couple hours which I don’t always have time for. Therefore, insert angel songs from above, a bike can come in handy! I love my bike! I got a boy to build it for me back when I was young and manipulative, and it’s white and pretty and perfect, WITH a bell and a basket : ) Bentley, well, he’s a big scaredy cat. So, we’ve been going real slow and he’s been getting real good about goin with the bike. Slow for a bike is a nice trot for him so it seems like the perfect solution to our exercising problems! There have been some times where he gets going, looks away, seems to forget the bike, remembers the bike, freaks out, and we end up lurching into a bush or something, but so far, no big deal. But yesterday, instead of getting scared and running away from the bike, he ran in front of the bike which may have caused me to swerve a little too hard and umm crash : ) I remember bike crashes when I was a kid. They hurt. But MAN they hurt more when you are old! I think I fell on my hip cause it hurts like a mutha but the scariest thing was seeing my dog get even more scared and take off. I was so very afraid he wouldn’t use his highly intelligent brain and instead run in a panic in front of a car or something. I must have hit kinda hard cause things started to get kinda dark and blurry but maybe it just caused that whole half glass of champagne to go straight to my head. Who knows. My body is weird and fun and likes to lie down in places where there is nowhere to lie – usually the grocery store. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to black out in the grocery store. I think it’s the awful lighting. Just kidding. I have no idea what it is. Anywaysss, luckily I was able to call him and he waited for me to walk over to him and there was a nice patch of grass to collapse onto : ) Noted: always bring your phone with you when you go on a bike ride by yourself. Especially when your husband has just left for work and could probably turn around and come give you a much needed hug. I knew I couldn’t stay on some nice persons lawn all day without it getting weird, so we mustered up all our strength and by the grace of God got home, albeit with a touch of blurred, darkening vision. So, we’ll have to come up with a new solution to get that energy out cause that wasn’t very fun. But! Today it’s RAINY and dreamy and wonderful. And I have an excuse for not moving very fast so I get to enjoy it fully : ) I think that dog knows he hurt me cause he’s been real good and has been staying right by my side all day and keeps looking up at me with the saddest of eyes. Willy good. Happy Friday everyone!!

^^ Eeee! He always waits at the window to watch dad leave for work. Good dog.

^^ Eeee! He always gets up and waits at the window to watch dad leave for work. Good dog.

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  1. I wuv him so much! He’s berry sweet sitting on the bed, looking out the window – also the picture of him wis his muddy snout.


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