In sickness and in health

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wedded bliss

So, this guy got engaged this weekend : ) klein and claudia-2klein and claudia-3klein and claudia-4No, he didn’t end up with my sister which would have made the world rejoice (heheheh just kidding Taywhad) but he got an incredibly wonderful woman and we are so so SO happy for him. The weather has been exceptionally pretty lately, however this weekend had thunderstorms in its forecast. He would choose to propose on the beach with a patio brunch to follow so we folded our hands and prayed for the weather to stay decent. Cold was predicted, so naturally we bundled up. It was not cold. It was roasting, not to mention glorious. We put on our fanciest shoes and headed to…. the beach. Sometimes we just don’t use our brains. Now, we were part of the set up committee but also were invited to attend the brunch afterwards… The idea of bringing a change of clothes (or at the very least, shoes) did not occur to either of these brains. So, as Greg sweated it out in his cashmere sweater, and I tottered around on my five inch heels (not thinking to take off said articles of clothing until we were officially covered in those wonderful little grains sand) we mustered up all our energy to remember this day was not about us and our ridiculous wardrobe decisions, but about this stellar new couple about to make the biggest decision of their lives! The plan was to sprinkle hundreds of red rose petals in the shape of a heart.. the couple would mosey down romantical stairs onto the sand and meander slowly over to the roses where he would drop to one knee and ask her to be his wife. It went pretty much like that.. minus one, slow-walking-hand-holding couple, wanting to take advantage of the perfectly dreamy scene set up, just minutes before the proper people were set to emerge. Can’t you just imagine that poor girl, “Oh my gosh! This is it!” ..seeing the red petals leading up to her dream proposal only to hear people yelling, “Get off the beach!!!” Ah well, her day will come one day ; ) Anyways, it seemed to go rather smoothly and we felt so honored to be able to witness and be part of it. And seriously, it was gorgeous.IMG_9086Laguna Beach is stunning. Another place I’m glad we don’t live in cause I probably wouldn’t want to leave : ) We then went to celebrate with his family at a champagne brunch. I got to sit across from this guy. He was hot. IMG_9090They then went off to their next adventure – she’s from Texas so he surprised her by then taking her to the airport and jumping on a plane to go celebrate with her family too! So very sweet : ) We headed home to be with our neglected dog and then it hit. My body started saying “no no no no NO! Seriously, again!?” Alas, poor Greg had to take care of his sick wifey yet again. Oh my, and this is where it gets dear. I kinda slept from when we got home till the next morning but then, the next morning I woke to find my husband dressed and ready to run to the store to go get that dog food, me medicine and then later went out again to get all our groceries for the Super Bowl! He even put all my throat lozenges in a pretty little bowl and even this morning I woke up to hot water and a selection of teas on my bedside table on a pretty little plate <3 He’s so dear. AND yesterday he did ALL the dishes and cooked and each thing! He even made homemade nacho cheese which was deliciously amazing! PLUS he gave me the biggest compliment of them all: This is a lot of work! Every woman likes to be appreciated once in a while ; )

^^holla! man in kitchen, cooking!

^^holla! man in kitchen, cooking!

He even let his trembling, coughing, sniveling wife curl up next to him during the whole game and ask obnoxiously lame questions about football (having never actually watched an entire game in her life) such as, why did he hike it over Manning’s head? Does that happen often? Why do they keep going backwards instead of forwards? Do you want to keep watching? He is patient with me : ) So, that’s all we’ve been up to lately! I hope you all are doing well! Lots of love to you!

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