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The first night we moved in, we saw something horrifying. Ourselves. In the mirror. Except it wasn’t a mirror, it was our front window. The lovely tenants before us installed a one way mirror film on the front windows – I’m assuming for privacy except I think they put it on the wrong side. This meant everyone could see in but we could not see out. So, as we looked around our empty cheaply put together house, this was the easiest and first thing to go to head towards improvement.. or so we thought. The film in the living room came off relatively easy but the one in my studio (eee!!! still excited about that) seemed to have melted on. We attempted to peel it off that first night but it left a new film of stickiness that made the windows look frosted in a bad way ; ) Sooooo yesterday, I finally knuckled down and spent several hours scraping and scraping and using half a bottle of goo be gone to get the gunk off. I now have callused fingertips, sparkling clean windows and a lifted mood! They still are ripply and ugly but make me so much happier. Let’s not forget about that steaming side of self accomplishment that came with it! The little treasures that came with this place, the unicorn sticker and the permit that’s been stuck there for the last 10 years it seems, have also been removed and the people rejoiced.




after!! You can now also see the large tree branch that fell down a couple days ago that has yet to be removed : )

after!! You can now also see the large tree branch that fell down a couple days ago that has yet to be removed : )

To celebrate my small little victory, I decided to tackle another one. That dog. He needs exercise but hates to be on a leash and instead pulls against it like a fish on the end of a line, so it’s been very difficult to take him on walks. Yesterday I decided, screw that, IIIII need a walk! So he can either walk with me or be carried… and he decided to walk!! I was so very proud of him. These are my little victories for the day. The sink is still clogged and the internet is not yet on but we did get water hooked up to our backyard so we can start watering our languishing fruit trees. Yes! We have fruit trees! Currently dying ones but not for long! I found out Bentley loves water.. and mud.. that lil rascal. He seemed to have a joyous day.

In other news, all rooms are still in complete disarray, but the kitchen is mostly put together so that makes me happy. I like to pretend the counters are real wood and the cabinets open easily and don’t in fact skin your knuckles every time you have to use two hands to get one of them open. That’s gunna get old fast : )

Hopefully next time my landlord comes over she won’t tell me how “so messy!” my house is and won’t accuse me of “you no make meal fo yo hawd woking husband!?” because nowww I have a fridge : ) : ) now if we can only get my car down here….. Happy Tuesday!!


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    My dear daughter,

    Please tell me you are keeping all of these delightful blogs for the future! I’m telling you, these could end up being a “best seller” in the future. You have a gift for making the ordinary sound oh so funny!! Love you and wish I could have been there to help with all these “little” challenges in your new home. The picture of your kitchen looks like it is, as you wish it was, and little Bentley just adds such a nice to touch.

    Have a blessed day.

    Mom :)


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