Weekend Bliss

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I love weekends. I’ve grown to love them more the last couple of weeks. This weekend was especially special because well, first, my husband brought back date night. Yessssss. We enjoyed hot dogs and popcorn and cherry coke and sour patch kids while watching Captain Phillips on the big screen. I have an obsession with popcorn so any event that is centered around that, is a good one. I still must wonder though, why a giant cargo ship does not have at least one weapon on board to defend itself especially in dangerous territories. If someone has an answer, I’d love to hear it because I think Greg is getting tired of me asking him : ) Saturday, my mom and sister made a surprise visit and brought my car to me!!!!! Freeeeedommm!!!! Finally! I missed them so so sooo very much and was so happy to see them. And Sally works again and was able to make the long long trip, so praise the Lord for that! Greg took us to a delectable dinner and the free desserts and singing began. Sigh, I am passed the age of looking forward to birthdays. When I was little, my favorite song was Happy Birthday To Me. Sweet child was I. My mom would notice me getting depressed half way through opening presents because I knew my birthday was almost over. Now my husband notices me getting depressed the day before the day is even here out of pure dread ; ) BUT any day that includes feasting is usually a good one so let’s celebrate.

^^he’s a trooper for hanging out with allllll those women… alone

Now, remember the fun things we are looking out for as little things from the Lord that tell us He loves us? I found another! This one is all for me, I just know it! On Sunday, we took Tay and mom for a drive to show them the heavenly neighborhoods in Pasadena.. Remember a while back I told you about that one that basically had an angels chorus playing when you looked down it? And then I said that Mr. Klein said, the Father of the Bride house is located around that area? Weeeellllll we decided to go find the actual house and looked up the address and *insert smile here* it’s on our street!! Just on the south side : D : D : D Basically, you can draw a straight line from us to them cause weeeee share a street name which makes me very happy.. I thought our street name was ugly but nowww it’s not! So what if it’s miles away : ) What are the chances, of all the places in the LA area, that we would end up on the very street of my dream house. Probably only because, He knows what makes His kids happy even if it’s something as silly as sharing a street with a pretty house in a movie : )

We went to a new church that was really great and followed that up with more feasting, as we are prone to do. Taylor and mom were ever so sweet and took us out to a delicious lunch. And then we followed that up with a delightful walk to a bookstore to get some new gardening books! I’m very excited about those : ) I go back and forth on whether or not I actually want to spend the time and energy fixing up this place but either way, it’s always nice to have inspiration : ) It was so good to see my fambly even if it was a short lil visit.

Anddd since we now have cable, Greg is a happy man since he finally gets to watch football again. He doesn’t look happy here because his favorite quarterback is getting beat by his favorite team. Oh, the heartbreak. Bentley and I clearly have much sympathy for such sad sad times.

And then today I woke up to this deliciousness.

Followed by thisssss

^^notice the pumpkin decoration <3

Heeello! That guy knows how to brighten up any dreaded day! Fruit tarts, bagels and lox, raspberries, french press coffee ANDDD mimosas??? If only I had more hands to help with the shoveling! He’s too good to me and I love him. Happy Monday everyone : )


  1. Taylor Welty says

    What a joy it was to see my sis! Thank you for taking the time to show us around Pasadena… Such a cute little city! I love the picture of Greggy and Bentley… So classic :)


  2. angelmomaln@aol.com says

    My dear daughter! If you are nothing else (and that is so not true), you certainly are entertaining to live with. So much fun you have. You bring such joy to my son’s life! I am glad your mom & sis were able to come for the weekend. It just added to all of the happiness of your special day. Yes, my son is quite an unusual find, but, so are you my dear, and we all like to be treated like we are special. I am happy he is so good to you. Birthdays are a reason to celebrate, whether you are 26 or 100. It is the day made only for you! Always be happy on your birthday.

    Thanks for sharing.




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