On to LA

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After getting the go ahead from our landlords regarding cutting our lease short, Greg’s company was nice enough to fly us down to LA to do some house hunting. Right before we left, we received a somewhat panicky text from our landlord now stating that we could not move until we found someone else to rent the place. So, as life would have it, nothing is as easy as it sounds and we began our journey not knowing when we could actually leave or move in, making it a less than productive trip then we had hoped. But, it was nice to drive around and scope out areas that didn’t have that impending doom feeling and the possibility of getting shot any minute. So turns out, most of LA doesn’t have that green, palm tree lined street look portrayed in the movies. It’s ugly. With lots of traffic. But! if this allows us to someday have a driveway where we can leave our car for more than 72 hours if we wish, and a backyard where we can have dogs and barbecues, and a front porch where I can finally have a place to put up my own flag on the Fourth of July, then I can grin and bear it for a couple years : ) Good news is, it really really really makes me want to work hard and contribute to make it happen sooner so finally some legitimate inspiration! Anyways, we did find what we call “the Sausalito of LA” which is really just a gorgeous neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills that pretty much looks like Italy. I also found the street of streets in Pasadena which I’m pretty sure had a heavenly chorus sing when you looked down it. I told Greg it looked like the Father of the Bride street which, in my opinion, is one of the most idyllic streets in history. Turns out it was filmed over in that area! Aha! I knew I was close to perfection. It just screamed “happy place to live.” So, unless we happen upon millions and are able to purchase one of those mansions to settle down and raise our lil family, we will be back before you know it ; ) Needless to say, apartment hunting is exhausting and I see now we got extremely lucky finding our current place on the first day of looking. Duh! While we were there, our landord texted us again saying someone was interested in our place and wanted to buy all our furniture with it – which would make moving a whole lot easier but also was kind of like having everything familiar ripped from you at the same time. I may have crumpled into a sobbing ball of despair at this point. But! I know that God is in control and will lead us to wherever He wants us, so that gives me an enormous amount of peace. Turns out she didn’t want just our furniture but also Greg’s guitars, all our books, our pictures and art etc. haha. That offer fell through : ) Anyways, we came home awfully discouraged from our galavanting only to be greeted by this: The sign of sadness. Something about seeing the actual sign makes it all the more real and especially not finding anything remotely exciting, put us both in a deep funk. Anyways, the next day we woke up and “journaled” which is really just a communication technique my mom taught us to “open up the doors of intimacy” as you stand in each others shoes : ) It really helped us both to see what the other person was really feeling about all this and made us unite as a team again. Our landlords came down to confirm that “if you find a place that is worth paying double rent, you are welcome to move” …as if we needed their permission. At least they confirmed that we won’t be moving till the place is rented which can be anytime from now till January, and then once that happens we’ll have 30 days to find a place. So, if anything it’s all in God’s hands now and I don’t feel nearly as anxious. I’ve really been soaking up the beauty of Sausalito, the drive down 280, and all of Santa Cruz. This trip really showed me how blessed I am and to never ever ever take that for granted. I will definitely be appreciating each thing from now on : ) On a happier note, Greg and I got to go see my dad’s band play down in Capitola and dance and eat and drink and be merry which was so so lovely and wonderful. We had the best time. Plus, Greg and I just celebrated our 7 months of being happily married so if anyone wants to hear our over the top wedding march again, my mom finally put our wedding video on youtube. Just skip to 2:27 and it’ll begin : ) Things to watch for: 1) Taylor booking it down the aisle to get to the stairs in time to see ME comin’ on down.. 2) My dress making a lovely ripping sound as we go up the stairs 3) The ridiculous amount of times I had to make sure my veil was still on and not in fact coming off.. 4) The “face pet” that happened out of nervousness 5) Overall, an extremely fidgety bride 6) Greg tripping over my dress on the way out. Enjoy!   Also, while we are on the whole wedding note, if you didn’t get a chance to see our reception video made by the wonderful Kelly Welty, here it is!   I’m off to work in my garden while I still have one : ) Lots of love to all of you!

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