Happy Happenings

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Alrighty, let’s go back a couple of days. We were having a very slow, very boring work day (I had the lovely task of looking for even more apartments… gotta admit I was overly bored) and we heard the lovely little brrringgg!! of our adorable little doorbell.. seriously, look at it.. it’s precious.

No one ever rings that bell except my family or our landlords so naturally the curiosity set in.. and it was……. my momma!! With a BIG bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers I have seen in a long time! Brilliantly blue hydrangeas and happy happy sunflowers. (I spent three months of our flower budget a while ago so I’ve been going through flower withdrawals ever since) She was coming back from Sonoma and decided, to our delight, to drop in! It was such a nice surprise – no one ever drops in unexpected anymore, it made our whole day!

On Friday the lovely realization set in that I had quit my job one year and five days ago and therefore have technically been unemployed for over a year, which was a bit depressing really. Sure Greg proposed the day after my last day at work which pushed back the job search a bit as we planned for a small little get together known as a wedding and set out for a big move up north. Then there was the whole, settling in and getting adjusted to married life but now I have a bee in my bonnet, yes my bonnet, to hunker down and focus on the art. SO I made up a lil business plan (err goals really), and went out and got myself some pretty office supplies (they inspire me an unusual amount) and I’m ready to go! Pretty excited really. Mostly I’m excited cause I finally got a paper calendar. Greg cannot comprehend why I would want a paper calendar when I can use the one on my phone, but for whatever reason I have to write things down on paper to really comprehend them so now I feel much more organized. Plus it’s an August 2013 – December 2014 one so I feel they knew I would have a breakdown in August and therefore made it special, just for me.

I think Greg was proud of me since he insisted he take me out on a date. We walked down into town and both realized it had been days since we really got out of the house and how very nice it was to do so. The night was warm and lovely and there was live music and this elephant. I never realized how very sad he looked and I loved him all the more.

We had delicious food and naturally, analyzed the couples around us.

Greg made this many faces and we had a lovely time.

We walked back up and looked out over the city on the first clear night in a long time. Greg said this is where he would always pause before coming in from work and thank God for me. He’s precious. It’s kind of one of those places that take your breath away – partly from going up the steep hill but mostly cause it’s magnificent and reminds us each day how blessed we are.

On Saturday, Greg made the most delicious egg breakfast for me and proposed we go get an espresso machine today. First, he needed a haircut. I don’t know how I got into cutting his hair – I have no idea what I’m doing and usually it revolves around him turning his head rapidly and telling me I’m not doing it like the hair people do it. This time, his buzzer wasn’t charged so we had to work a bit, then wait for it to charge more, cut a bit more, then wait. You can imagine, our patience was running thin but an hour later, he had probly the best haircut I’ve ever seen. He just needed a tiny bit more off the side and ziiiiiip! too much was cut. I crumpled into a ball on his lap and said I was sorry, I didn’t mean to cut a hole in the side of his head! So, off we went to make it shorter all around which ended up being a good thing – he looks quite handsome : )

Then we were off to run our errands with a lighter head of hair and stumbled upon a glasses shop. My eyes are decreasing rapidly but I haven’t decided whether to shell out the money and get new frames or keep the ones I have which Greg just informed me, he is not a fan of. So until I can make up my mind, the distance shall remain fuzzy. Ironically, we did have money for an espresso machine ; ) I’m actually really excited about this – Greg has wanted one forever and he’s been working so hard, I’m glad he was able to get one. Aaaand it makes the frothy milk so I can have my cappuccinos : ) Oh happy day. It even came with a gift card so I was able to get two cappuccino cups.. and we can finally use all those espresso cups we got for our wedding!

That night, we were finishing up dinner and the power went out! Naturally, we lit all our candles and Greg played his guitar. It was so strange to look over and see the whole hill black. I love love LOVE when he plays his guitar. He tried to get me to sing but I’m back to being shy about it. But, if me singing keeps him playing his guitar then it’s worth it so off we went making our own little band : ) It was actually quite fun. The power stayed off for quite some time so we decided to walk down to the water and split a cigar and some port. One of my favorite nights in Sausalito ever : )

Sunday I had to leave my dear husband to go camping with my family. So bummed that he couldn’t go but we had a real great time. My dog (always afraid of the water) learned to love swimming – we couldn’t keep him out of it! He even jumped out of the boat he was so excited to be in it! Weird little guy.. The weather was glorious (the only time I’ve ever camped and not been freezing at night), the lake was gorgeous and not crowded with people like usual, and the company was fantastic. We even could hear thunderstorms nearby (favorite!) It was awfully relaxing and made me excited to start collecting our own camp stuff to venture out on our own!

^^ you know you're at a higher elevation when...

^^ you know you’re at a higher elevation when…

^^ pawents mush mush mush

^^ pawents mush mush mush

^^ boat rides

^^ boat rides

^^ feasting time

^^ feasting time

^^ watchin the storm come in

^^ watchin the storm come in

Best of all, I got to come home to the most wonderful husband in the world. He had the house spankin clean with all the candles lit and glowing, real nice music on, and my favorite cocktail in hand. Happiest. time. ever.

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