Our Unexpected Celebration

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mmmm meals

I have a major flaw.. I hate to speak up and would rather just go with the flow.. If the barista at Starbucks thinks my name is Mallory, or Valerie, or Kelly, well then it is. Yesterday I woke up and the dish fairy had come! I had fallen back asleep (hard) and didn’t hear Greg working away doing all the dishes from the night before. I was so blown away and grateful that I decided I’d return to my #1 love language: food. I’ve been kinda lazy about meals lately so I wanted to try something new and tasty to say thanks for being so sweet.  Going back to my flaw.. I was talking to the butcher at the store and asked him if he had any beef tenderloin. I don’t know my cuts of meat well yet and really don’t know which ones are nice or so-so minus a few obvious selections.. the recipe called for 4 POUNDS of beef tenderloin so I assumed it wasn’t super nice. Well, that’s a lot of meat for two people and as he handed me the first package (since it wouldn’t all fit in one) I realized the extravagant mistake I had made. Instead of speaking up, I smiled and gulped and thought about what we could possibly celebrate to make such a costly gesture worth it. As I was walking away realizing I had just blown our whole budget on steaks, he shouts out “those are the best steaks I have!” and I nod slowly, really wanting to run back and say, “please take four of these back! We are only two people!”

Oh well. So, instead of wallowing in sorrow over how dumb I am sometimes, I decided to make a party out of it. Sure all this was a little overkill just to say thanks for doing the dishes this morning… but we had lots more things to celebrate! The day before, I had stretched my first 70″x48″ canvas singlehandedly and I was pretty proud – there’s one thing.. consequently I think I sprained my wrist from twisting it and squeezing the heavy stapler BUT I was able to get through the whole day with my broken wrist! ..even if my cart kept running into the aisle cause it refused to push the same amount as the other wrist- but I got through so there’s another thing. Greg’s boss had sent him some really nice places in LA that really encouraged both of us – another! But the thing to celebrate most is letting go of the past and moving on.. I finally wrote a letter to someone that had unintentionally really hurt me and was able to finally let go of that whole drama. And better yet, the Lord was so sweet and allowed the person to respond in the most gracious and amazing way I could have ever thought possible. So I had a huge thank you to my wonderful God for carrying me through that. So NOW we had a reason to celebrate. Greg made us the most delicious shots which I normally hate but these were amazing. We dressed up fancy and thanked the Lord for being so good. Annnndd Greg even let us open up one of our special bottles of vino : ) : ) And after all that, I overcooked the meat. 

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