Houseboatin and Houses

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family days / terrific trips

Hands down, one of our favorite trips of the year is to my cousins houseboat on Lake McClure. It is the most relaxing time you’ll ever have. Well, for me at least.. there are no electronics (ahem, yippee!!), the weather is ridiculously warm, the water feels divine, I’m surrounded by family and it’s just heavenly. The only activities available are relaxing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding and other water sports, relaxing, eating, drinking, wading, reading, relaxing, relaxing, sleeping, relaxing and hmm that’s all I can think of. It’s wonderful. Anyways, we were ever so sad because we thought we’d have to miss this year but the day before everyone was set to leave, we checked our calendars and it turns out, I had gotten my dates mixed up and we were able to go! Hallelujah.  Plus! this weekend there was supposed to be an epic meteor shower, and since Sausalito has been decidedly in winter mode for the last month and a half, we really really wanted to get out of fog land and see it ..especially because on the boat, we all sleep out on the roof, under the stars : ) : ) I hate shooting stars cause I can never see them and I usually get frustrated hearing about how cool they are as everyone around me tends to have telescopic eyes. It is a rare occurrence for this fuzzy eyed girl to actually see one and not just *think* she saw one. But I can say with absolute certainty that IIIIIIII saw SO many HUGE ones! Happy Hillary, I was. Also, this was the first “camping” trip that I got to zip my sleeping bag up with my hubs : D I don’t think he liked that much, but I was happy…. even though we were on separate cots with a big hole between us. Who cares if it was ridiculously uncomfortable, it’s so allowed now ; )

Bella the cutie on the swirly stairs

Bella the cutie on the swirly stairs

I normally take tons of pictures on this trip but I was feeling especially lazy this time around so I apologize. You’ll just have to use your imagination. I can say that we are getting very old very quickly and our bodies do not recover like they use to… I did a very easy tube ride (no hanging on required really..) …I never even fell in the water! …but man I am sore even today and that was days and days ago. Ohhh dear. Anyways, we had a lovely time and got to spend the weekend with wonderful family and friends and diss doggy!

He’s REALLY good. Sunday, we headed home to the wonderful Thompsons who took us out to a delicious dinner in the city! It was such a treat and so so good to see them. And today I am plodding on, attempting to find a place in the lovely LA area…… happy Monday ; )

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