Best. News. Ever.

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Not really, but we did get some great news last night. We’ve been wanting to have our landlords down for appetizers and cocktails for a while (they are the sweetest older couple that live above us) and we finally had them down last night. I was kinda nervous about it cause, well, what exactly is appropriate to talk to your landlords about? But we had the greatest time! They were so complimentary of our place and said they had always hoped someone would fix it up like we had and they just loved each thing we had done…. which made me kinda nervous about the news we were going to tell them… that we were moving at the end of the year and possibly even before… but when the subject came up, they were so supportive! (wait is that a bad sign?) They said if we needed to, we didn’t even have to finish up our lease which was a huge relief for me with planning and timing and stuff. AND they loved what we had done so much, that they asked if when we are ready, if they could show potential new tenants our place just the way it is because they think it would sell it better : ) I took it as the nicest compliment. So, that is our wonderful news that gives me such a peace about moving and being able to take our time (sorta) to find a place down there. Funny enough, Sue was on a diet so she couldn’t have any of the appetizers and neither of them could have one of Greg’s fabulous cocktails – apparently Don’s allergic to hard alcohol and Sue again with the diet.. but they brought a wonderful bottle of pino and told us all about how they met and how Don proposed on their second date. It was really sweet. Greg asked how long their engagement was and Don replied “18 years.” We had a really nice time and i’m really so glad Greg pushed us to have them down. We were really blessed with wonderful landlords. Also, yesterday was the first gorgeous sunny day in a month so that added to the happiness. In other news, I’ve been inspired by some wonderful art, so I’m off to painting! Yes Lory, I will be fixing the ear (hopefully) : )

we may have finally had our cocktails once they left...

we may have finally had our cocktails once they left…


first sunny day in a month!

first sunny day in a month!

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