Luke turns four!

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Luke Blane

Here we are, back with another birthday, complete with sadly decorated cake and all, as we do around here :) Sure love this boy and the flavor he brings to our family. Some pics from his day!

^^This is about as crafty as I get. Be oh so inspired.

^^I think boys have their sword fight brain engaged and ready for action at all times

^^A stance girls hardly ever assume

^^I don’t know if this whole party was for Luke or Greg… while wrapping the presents, someone *may* have shown more enthusiasm over each new piece of armor than the actual receiver… later the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made an appearance… not pictured – a delighted father beaming in the corner ;) we don’t project our childhoods on our kids at all…

^^he’s been asking for a real bike (with pedals!) for ages… naturally he had no interest when he actually received such a thing.. KIDS. Also, what’s with the bike shortage in the world right now!? AHHHHHH!!!!


^^finally got him to just *try* it AND HE RODE IT IMMEDIATELY what the heck.

So corona’s fun, eh? Poor Luke was stuck in a car for 10 hours when we drove up to Oregon on his 2nd birthday and now nothing’s open on this here his 4th. Luckily we got to go to Gummy and Papi’s pool for the day where I took zero pictures to document the preciousness. LUKE CAN SWIM! WHEN DID ALL THESE THINGS HAPPEN!?! We haven’t been able to go with them because clearly the disease is just spreading through the parents of non resident pool goers but they let me in this time so I could see ALL THE GOODNESS! So very proud. All this good led to more good and a miracle happened.

^^this. They always beg to sleep in the same bed but it’s never happened because no sleeping ever gets done BUT LOOKIT. Birthday miracle.

^^Lookit those heart eyes for his Papi!!!

^^When your neighbors toys are way more fun

^^can you tell I made abbie take her brother home on her horse? he was thrilled, obviously

^^Did I mention parenting is hard and I did not want to throw a party? And then this man stepped in a threw the WHOLE THING!? Complete with drinks, appetizers, AND dessert!? He’s amazing.

^^homemade refried beans and rice and killer quesadillas with the most delicious chicken and mushrooms and all the fixens. umm yumm. Luke originally asked for PB&J’s so we were all excited when he changed it to a Mexican theme :) or at least I was.

^^if you let him shoot a rocket in the house one time, he will ask to do it all day, every day, forevermore. I have found. We also now have a few rockets on the roof.

^^again, I now know exactly what to do for Greg’s party this year.

^^these things always work out swimmingly in my head. I did picture very intricate and convincing designs on each and every cupcake. I officially salute all cake decorators and am now strongly reconsidering the homemade cakes from here on out ;)

Happy birthday, sweet boy! We sure love the heck out of you!

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  1. What a great birthday, what wonderful pictures, Hillary!!! I love how you express yourself- you are so funny!


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