Tidbits from Tahoe

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terrific trips

The kids had never been to the snow so we decided to wait and take them when there were small batches of the iciest goodness possible. Luckily, they had nothing to compare it to so they were thrilled :)

They slid down this small mound with such glee…

They found a snowman that couldn’t even be knocked over cause it had turned into one small snowmanish shaped block of ice…

They were so happy! I was getting such a kick out of their little giggles and wonder of this crunchy slippery white stuff.

And then Luke fell into a tree hole..

…and it finally set in that it was cold…

I’m always so amused by what they decide to bring in their backpacks… Luke brought change, some baby toys, a dinosaur, a bouncy ball, a car, some magnatiles, a random bus, and my personal favorite, a paw.

Oh and somehow he fit his cape and Abbie’s in there too, which they wore a total of zero times.

My favorite was walking down to the lake. Just put me by water and allofasudden I’m a delight to be around ;)

Well aint he a cutie <3

Clearly we are on a mission to find the most beautiful playgrounds in America :)

We are still learning how to use slides.

When he throws a tantrum in the sand. These are Greg’s nightmares colliding…

Asked her to sit like a princess. This is it, guys.

Mom picture.

Dad picture…

If you keep the expectations low…. they loved this “mountain” for sledding. Ohhhh the joys :):)

I just think he’s really pretty. Even if he did refuse to sleep this entire trip.

We’ll try for more snow next time, kids :) but Tahoe, you make mine eyeballs happy, no matter the snow coverage. Till next time!

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