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baby #3

Excuse me for the overload of basically the exact same picture… they just make me smile so dang much, I’m putting them here ;)

IT’S A BOY IT’S A BOY AND I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I am so excited to meet this little man but my goodness have I been in shock lately! Who knows why I have thought this baby was a girl this whole time but MY I was SO convinced… looking back now I see I ignored all the signs of boy like craving sauerkraut and having a low belly etc ;) anyways, when that blue popped out of the canon I can’t even describe the shock and confusion that went through my mind haha. We even had a back up cake that also said blue…. and I was STILL confused… I had to look at the card myself! AND STILL. Talk about denial ;) Lord knows Lukie needs a brother because he’s currently his sister’s dress up dolly.

I heard them snickering from behind the table and out they come, hand in hand in little tutus …
This pregnancy has been such a shocker since the beginning… we had been trying for a while and there were months we definitely should have gotten pregnant and let’s just say, this particular month, we definitely should NOT have gotten pregnant ;) but here he is! And that’s why the Lord makes me smile cause He’s in control and I’m not and His way is perfect even if it’s not what I would have chosen… but let’s be honest. I wanted four kids back to back to back to back – as in preferably nine months apart from each if that were even possible AND PRAISE JESUS that didn’t happen ;) Anyways, ahhhhh I’m just so excited about this baby! Here are some horrible pictures from the most wonderful night! I swear I watch that video of the reveal at least once a day cause it just makes me so happy! So bummed I didn’t get ANY pictures of Greg’s cool team boy and team girl cocktail/mocktail drinks but such is life. We had the best time getting to find out with everyone. I feel like I’ve been so self conscious with this third baby cause it’s like, your first – everyone is excited then second – YAY they get a sibling! and then third is like, ….oh….yay…. so naturally I figured no one would want to come but I’m so glad we have such amazing family and friends that are willing to drag themselves to our little party because having a full house makes my heart so unbelievably happy and have I mentioned I’m so excited about this little life and just just just just I love you all…. yada yada yada … hormones over here ;)

And yes, I’m still finding confetti. We can’t wait to meet you baby boy! Blessed, we are <3

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