Have I mentioned we are pregnant??

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baby #3

Tell me that’s not the most precious face you’ve ever seen!? I’m so dang excited about this baby. Freaked out of my mind, for sure, but WAY more excited than I can possibly express. We just got back from the best family vacation last night and I’m telling you, I am totally the lady that thinks along the lines of: we have two perfect, healthy babies already …of course we are due for the baby with no limbs and severe mental illness etc. This is just the trail my brain loves to travel. So ya, I guess I didn’t realize how worried I’ve been this whole time till I saw that precious face and ALL THOSE LIMBS and just started crying the happiest tears right there in the office. We crossed the Oregon border and this kiddo just started kicking up a storm so I’ve been getting the best kicks all week long along coupled with the best news today that everything looks perfect and AHHHH I just can’t. Every time I think about the fact that we get to do this crazy thing all over again I just get giddy. I feel so lucky and so blessed and so dang excited. And I’m just going to ignore the fact that I’m so overwhelmed already and plod right on along because WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Due January 4th… well today he said it looks more like a December 31st due date but let’s just try to dodge the holidays shall we? Here’s a lil video so you can see just how precious in action <3 seriously so in love already. And these kids, man. They are mighty adorable and equally as excited. I just can't wait!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    I love love LOVE this!!! I’ve watched that video about 20 times today alone…. Those beebees talking about beebee 3 are the CUTEST! “Where da heart beeps” – she says so matter-of-factly. ;) I love you, Nettle-os 5!! xoxoxox


  2. Cinnypinny says

    These 3D pictures are truly amazing!
    So happy for your little family!
    Dec.31st. A REAL Happy New Year baby!!


  3. Ahhh Kate is our January baby (the 9th) and it’s so special!! Also, liked being my biggest in winter ha. Less sweating. SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!


    • No way! Abbie’s the 10th! I loved having a winter baby … then having a 6 month old in the summer and so on… it was just so fun! Hopefully they’ll be more than a couple days apart for the sake of the birthday party throwing mom ;)


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