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Yesterday we baked cookies. We danced and I cried from being so dang tired all the time. I googled answers to my tiredness and all was better ;) Yesterday we ate dinner outside amongst our rubble. It was the first meal I made in our almost done kitchen that was pretty dang delicious ifidosaysomyself. Yesterday was good. Today I shrunk my new curtains four inches. Let’s look back to yesterday.

His thing right now is saying “DAT HEE!!!” – well that’s what it sounds like but he’s really saying “catch me!” and he runs away squealing. I just feel so bad for people who have no interest in having children. Despite parenting being the hardest job on earth, those squeals MY GOSH there’s just nothing like them! Makes every brain frying day 100% worth it.

We stacked blocks on Bentley’s head.

And Abbie’s.

And Luke’s. Seriously, someone come get me out of my house. I’m going insane.

Some meals just make me fall in love with food all over again. I still remember the duck I had up in Napa the last time we went. AHHHHHHH. This one might not be much to look at but it had hints of fall magic in it that made made my mouth go POW. It gets a picture.

Greg took Abbie out to the apple trees to pick the “tiiiiiny litttttle apple” she so desired. Luke saw…

He stood there for the longest time, knowing if he ventured out, the prickly burs would hurt his feet so he ran and got his boots. Isn’t seeing their little brains figure something out just the coolest thing?? I sure love that son of mine.

^^His face when he got to copy sister :):) Ps I can’t wait for a giant water heater to not be in every shot ;)

And then they quietly wandered over to their chairs like little old people ;) doesn’t our yard look lovely haha … next project! = to not look like a hoarder of all recyclable materials.

Happy Thursday one and all! IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!


  1. Shannon Nicole Maselli says

    Wow. That melted my heart. And made me so happy. Such simplicity, but such authenticity. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Taylor Welty says

    So so adorable :) I love Abbie’s two different shoes too… her fashion sense 👌🏼😄


    • Haha you noticed! And Luke’s are definitely on the wrong feet 😂 as always. You should have heard her shuffling around the house with that pair ;)


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