4 months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

Oh goodness this boy. I was thinking back to Abbie at this age and remembered what a little chatterbox she was. He is not. He is all boy and would rather just sit in silence, observing, mayyybe every once in a while throw out the most dashing of smiles, you know, just to make you melt over and over again throughout the day. He is the dearest and I love him so. Oh little Luke, you light up my whole life! There have been SO many smiles this month and shall we even say, attempts at laughing!? It’s the best and seriously makes me want to explode from cuteness overload. You love when I sing to you, bless your soul. I think you knew mommy needed a little morale booster since your sister throws screaming/sobbing fits anytime I attempt any sort of tune. You love attention, love to kick kick kick and run run run, and diaper changes still appear to be the happiest part of your day. You’ve started the nursing smiles which basically never get old and oh, you know, make me want to have 12 more children immediately. You’ve found your feet and your hands and danggit it’s cute. You’re starting to grab for things, have rolled over a total of zero times this month, and still have the highest scream I’ve ever heard. It. is. the. best. Is it bad that I don’t pick you up right away, just cause I love to hear it? Especially because it comes with the saddest little lip and shaking hands. Man, I sound like a horrible mother. You are starting to smile at your sister and my goodness does she love you. I can’t keep her away from you! Whenever I get her up from her nap, the first thing she asks is, “baby!?” and then we go downstairs to see you and she strokes your face ever so gently and says, “hi baby” and boy does that just fill up your mommas heart with happiness. She then proceeds to jump from the pillows above you, onto you and you, my dear boy, just blink and smile, the tolerant little man that you are. You love your hand and have it in your mouth for the majority of the day, still wake up about twice a night but fall right back asleep PRAISE THE LIVING LORD, are still going strong on the spitting up and loooooove Christmas trees, just like your momma. I put you under that thing and you are one happy man. Mr. Luke, I may not be a perfect momma but I sure am confident no one could love you or your sister more than I do. And I think that’s all that matters :) We sure love you, sweet boy! Happy four months!christmas


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