Just your average Friday morning photo dump

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the daily life

Thank goodness for Fridays. Greg and I are off to HAWAII(!!!) on Monday and I’m beyond ready to have an adult conversation. I’ve been so very tired lately so a long long flight in which I can sleep in an upright position sounds positively dreamy. Bless my dear parents for taking on two babies. Bless you bless you BLESS YOU! Anyways, my computer has added multiple crashing sessions to its everyday routine and has insisted it’s “critically low on space” for many many weeks now… which would make you think I would feverishly start backing things up BUT I have yet to figure out a system that works for my picture hording self… so if anyone has that all figured out, lemme know!! Because I’m lost when I think about that giant task. And I really don’t want to loose all my pictures YET again. Anyways! instead I’ll put all my happy and random memories here.
You’re welcome ;) OK let’s begin. This guy, he’s practically doubled in size… and this was a month ago… he’s come a long way from these legs/feet combo right!? Just look at those adorable little chicken legs :):):) I’ll never forget just how tiny that boy was when I first laid eyes on him.photo-dump-2
He’s downright chunky now ;) photo-dump-3
Abbie helped me hang a gallery wall. I told you these were random.

I can’t tell you how many pictures I have like these ones. At first I thought it was so funny how she just loved to be as close as possible, and always touching… but seeing the hundreds of pictures together… their little relationship… she just loves her brother so much and it makes this momma heart so happy.
I made her wear my rain boots. She was not a fan. I’m still laughing.
Have you ever seen someone so excited about laundry!? It’s amazing how much longer simple tasks take with a toddler around… and how important it is to remember these days ^^^ are the best days and to slow down and play and not worry about getting every single thing done… I have to re-teach this to myself every day when I look around at my messy messy house and feel like a failure :) 
Heheh this one cracks me up… this girl.. she’s really into buttons and remotes right now. So I set up my tripod and let her take pictures and she had the best time. And I have the best pictures. Hence the full computer. But that face. COME ON. I love that girl.

That one time she climbed up onto the forbidden table but then started to smell and stroke the flowers all adorable like. THAT GIRL.

Small, medium and large ;)  I have about one million pictures of these babies in diapers. And about 60 videos of them just kick kick kicking away in silence because it’s just the cutest thing. Those boys were born four days apart and are bound to be best friends. I’m just sure of it!

photo-dump-11Abbie was 11 months old when she got her first cold. Luke was not so lucky. Two sick babies here but as sweet as can be!

photo-dump-12Just look at that goofy little sick girl. Tell me your heart doesn’t swell with happiness at that cheesy little smile.

photo-dump-13Bentley’s biggest problem in life is THAT BUSH. Somehow this happens all. the. time.

Somewhere in there, I had a birthday and it was so so lovely. We found out this boy loves being in the sink (HELLO relaxed mornings!), I got to join my mom/aunts/grandma for a lovely wine and picnic lunch, and got to go on the most dreamy date with that handsome man below. It was the best. photo-dump-16

Our family’s selfie game is just…

October you were beautiful.

photo-dump-21After those glorious days where Fall was pretending it was Summer, we actually had some rain! Naturally we built lots of couch forts and Abbie made the slowest slide of all time that she wanted to ride over and over again. That daredevil babe is no more ;)

And this is to remember that one day I wanted to treat this girl to a new toy and a hot chocolate because that just never happens and HELLO RAIN, but the sweet date I had pictured in my mind turned into one with many raised eyebrows as this lady held a flailing-need-to-nap-NOW girl in one arm and an upside down boy in the other. Luke had decided this was the day he would test how tight momma was holding him and there he went as he flung himself backwards. You can imagine, everyone was just waiting to ask me my marvelous parenting techniques. Lesson learned: NEVER leave the house without a baby carrier even if you think you’ll be going 20 feet from the car to the shop. Your daughters shoes will keep falling off which will trigger a meltdown of sorts and it will all go downhill from there ;)photo-dump-24But no regrets because that little shopping cart keeps her occupied for HOURS.

photo-dump-25And that tea set… well have you ever seen anything sweeter?

photo-dump-26And then there was Halloween… I went back and forth on if I should even do costumes this year, what with them not even caring and the tired factor being off the charts, but then I thought about my dear boy coming up to me in a few years and asking me, “mom? what was I on my first halloween??” to which I could only reply, “well my dear son, you were Yoda” if it were true. So we made that happen. But let’s be honest, most of my pictures looked a whole lot like this:

photo-dump-29Still, happy first halloween, little man! Sorry I stained your face for several days :/

photo-dump-31photo-dump-32photo-dump-33Our annual Halloween party with the Burkes where Greg convinced us we don’t need to carve pumpkins and we are all still regretting it ;)

photo-dump-37He’s rolling! And oh so happy about it! Not really – he hates it but he can do it! Both ways! Like a champ.

photo-dump-36We got fed up not having a flat coffee table so we ordered a new one… and it came… and it was beautiful… but slightly green and made all my insides cringe. So naturally, I took my brand spankin new piece of furniture and sanded it down and whitewashed it :) and ohmygosh whitewashing. I came in with inspired eyes and started looking for more things to whitewash. Greg got scared. Also, that wall has remained blank for too long. Something must be done about that. I have thoughts.

photo-dump-34The giggles. I never ever want to forget those giggles.

photo-dump-35Or the fact that she loves to copy momma with each thing.

These babies are my whole world <3 I’m so very blessed.

There is nothing that makes me happier than this site. Heart full.

photo-dump-42But seeing Abbie play with her cousin? aunt? what is Dani? anyways, that made my heart pretty happy too. Those two were pretty adorable.

photo-dump-43And this little scowl <3 And to end this discombobulated post, HAPPY FRIDAY! One day my brain will return to me! I’m just sure of it!

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